What is GMD RPG Gifts?

GMD RPG Gifts are gifts for all starting characters within a GM Draeus game.
ALL Players regardless of membership level gains a starting gift from the choices shown in the drop down menu on the spreadsheet (See link at bottom of page)

Players get to choose their starting gift. Players with a higher Patreon Tier chooses first until all gifts have been claimed.

Once game starts and your character has been created GM Draeus will then award you a GMD Gift to help you on your adventures.

Gifts that have been chosen so far:

To choose your own gifts click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Above shows who has chosen their GMD Gift.

To choose your Gift you will need to use the following Link: If the Link is not available then you will have to wait for a higher Tier Patron to finish choosing or their time run out.

[ppp_patron_only level=”1″]

You have been granted access to choose your gift. Please use the GMD Google Sheet.


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