GMD 1 Day Event: NWN2 Tristan the Bard’s Tales of Heroes!

Saturday October 31, 2020 19:00 to 22:30 GMT

Halloween Special

Calling all Investigators! Something is afoot this Halloween…

Join GMD Online to investigate strange happenings and survive a night of horror.

Using the GMD CORE RPG, our Investors will venture into the realms of Lovecraft and test their courage and see if they can stay alive this Haloween!


Virtual Table Platform: Fantasy Grounds 2 Classic [FREE to Download and join in]

Comms: Discord

Livestream: No

Characters: Pre-Gens, Although Patreon Members will be allowed to create & use their own Investigator prior to game day.

Spaces: 6

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Sign up Now!

Please ensure that the GMD Username is the name you use to identify yourself on Discord and to log into Fantasy Grounds / NWN2 or Tabletop Simulator. It is also important to select your correct Membership level. All sign ups are monitored by an Admin and incorrect information shall be removed. It is also good practice to Add a characters name, Party role that they play (eg: Cleric, Pilot, Mechanic, Tracker etc) and a brief background. (eg: My wife and children taken by a crime lord and I seek revenge and a way to rescue them) Enjoy!

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