GMD CORE: Vehicles & Mounts Guide

Hi Patreons,

While we are waiting for the Vehicles & Mount guide cover to be created ready for the Kickstarter Launch at the end of the month…

It is time that we started to put our collective minds together and see what it is you, the GMD Patreon Investors, want to see inside this book!

What is planned?

  • Mount Stats for Fantasy, Western, Sci-Fi, Supers, Modern Genres
  • Vehicles Stats for  Fantasy, Western, Sci-Fi, Supers, Modern Genres 
  • Vehicles Construction Rules
  • Trading Rules and Cargo Capacity
  • Vehicles Character Sheet
  • Trading Character Sheet
  • Expanded Vehicle and Mount Combat rules
  • New Perks for use with Vehicles
  • New Perks for use with Mounts
  • Expanded pursuit Scenes for Vehicles & Mounts
  • Character Templates: Pilots/Gunners/Cavalry for quick character creation. 
  • Vehicles types such as Bikes, Boats, Motor Vehicles, Aircraft, Starships, Submersibles, Mechs

Please leave comments below with your requests…

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