Travelling to a destination of an adventure can be in itself an adventure. Rather than just set up encounter after encounter, it is advised to leave most of the actions relevant to the adventure and story that has been designed.

If there is a chance of a random event to happen along the route of the hero’s journey, then use this chart if you want to add a random element to that journey. 

Roll Difficulty of each type of terrain per day of the journey.

Difficulty DiceTerrain
Patrolled Roads D4
Fields / Farmlands / OceansD6
Wilderness / Barren Lands / Desert / ArcticD8
Forests / MountainsD10
Hostile TerritoryD12
  1. The Heroes Roll PER (or STL if they are being cautious on their travels and are wanting to avoid any possible encounter. 
  2. Keep the highest roll of the Hero’s dice.
  3. Remove any Terrain Dice that failed to beat the Hero’s roll. 
  4. Each Terrain Dice that rolls higher than the Hero’s roll consults the chart below to see what random event happens along their journey. Use the DoS of the Terrain Dice to determine what happens.


1 NON Hostile Travellers SOC scene

2 Good progress  narrative scene PHY

3 Vista location of beauty PER to notice drama scene

4 chance sighting PER to notice Discovery Scene

5 Weather change favourable narrative MND 

6 location of interest exploration PER

7 terrain obstruction / obstacle Discovery AGI to overcome

8 weather bad MND, narrative

9 location of horror/ danger action – quick sand sTR, cursed area FOC,

10 hostile travellers combat / pursuit / stealth

11 predator combat / pursuit / stealth 

12+ Ambush combat / pursuit 

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