GMD are developing Campaign Settings, Dungeons, Lairs, Places of Interest and Adventures galore! For:

  • Savage Worlds
  • D&D 5th Edition
  • and other open license games.

All available for free online for Patreon Members. PDF and Printed Books will be available (Free to certain Tiers)

Campaign Settings

Battle against the growing darkness that threatens to tear open the pits of Tartarus and spill all of Hades out upon the world of LoR. In this bronzed age fantasy setting with an ancient greek mythological influence. Where Demigods are hunted and the Stoneborn rule the war torn world. The hated Beastmen have gained footing and threaten to bring the civilised world into a barbaric age of savagery. War is coming and the heroes need to decide what and who they fight for.

Once development of the Campaign Setting for the GMD CORE RPG has been completed. The Savage Worlds version shall shortly follow!

A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition version of the LoR Campaign Setting.

Gods Amongst Us. A Genetically enhanced Super being forged within the labs of the Genetics Augmentation Unit and become gods among mankind. Robbed of memory of who you once were and now find yourself wandering the lawless streets of Cape Town in Africa, the mysterious city of Supers. Is this a safe haven for enhanced beings or a prison? Avoid being hunted by ‘Norms’, defend those weaker than you and struggle to find the remnants of your past in this Dark Super Heroic Setting! 

Engage in exciting space battles. Partake in dangerous ground missions and explore regions of space and anomalies that threaten the worlds of the Polarian Alliance. Uncover dastardly plots and protect patrol as part of the crew of a warship, out to defend the territories of the Polarian Alliance in this exciting futuristic campaign setting. 

A Peacekeeping initiative, a galactic police force. The StarGuard are a gifted team of supers that race across the galaxy answering to no one political body but a collective council consisting of all within the known nations to police the peace accord. Bringing super powered beings to face justice. To protect the galaxy from entities and Galactic Nations who threaten the peace and tranquility of the galaxy. 

During the Golden Age of LoR, Godlings battle against Titanic beasts and enemies of Askalon. Bringing the foulest of the immortals to be imprisoned for eternity in Tartarus. The players take on the role of super-heroic children of the gods and their very immortality is threatened with abyssal death. They struggle to defend Askalon from the arrival of the Beast Gods. Who descend from the stars to wage war and enslave the world, in this Super Heroic Fantasy Setting. .