Hi Patreons, 

Please find the almost complete version of the GMD CORE RPG for you all to look over.

What is left to do?

  • The Index

Yep, that is it…

I hope you like it and I look forward to hearing the tales you build using this game system.

What’s Next?

  • Well, once the book is finally completed and sent to the Kickstarter backers. I will be working on a support pack with Tokens, Pre-Gens, Templates etc… 
  • I will then be concentrating on the campaign games already in progress.
  • I will be working on the Starguard, Exodus and Salvage Comics. 
  • I will be looking into starting the CORE: Bestiary and Vehicles & Mounts Guide. 

I could not have done any of this without you! Thank you so much!

To access the files, simply click on the image above.

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