GMD Core RPG: 10.0 – XP & Scenes

Awarding XP & Scenes

In LoR to earn XP Players must take part in Drama Scenes, Chase Scenes, Exploration Scenes, Journey Scenes or Combat Scenes. The Different Scenes have Different Objectives to Overcome, This will determine if you receive 0, 1 or 2 XP
During Drama Scenes the Objective can sometimes be clear and that is to win the conflict of an argument, or to successfully interrogate a prisoner, or to convince the guards to let you pass, or even win the aid of the council, king or emperor. Drama may have no conflict, it could be between several PC’s or PC’s a friendly NPCs and the objective here would be to learn more about the NPC, PC’s or the story itself. Anyone taking part in a non conflict Drama Scene will earn 1XP, Anyone not taking part will earn 0 XP. Conflicted scenes that are won earn 2XP. Drama scenes can also be Dramatic with tense action or suspense. For example Tense action would be trying to close a colossal door before the horde of beast-men reach it and pour through. and a suspense could be sneaking through a dungeon trying to to alert the guards to your presence.
During Chase scenes the Objective is a little easier to know. It will normally be to capture who ever is being chased or evade form the pursuers. A Chase scene will have a moving environment, Each turn see’s a different location and can cover 50-100′ or several miles depending on the story.
Exploration Scenes main objective is to locate clues or progress the story onto the next scene. This could be exploring a dungeon room, or ruins. The objective is to locate some hidden clue or look for a way to progress. Or find some hidden location.
During Journey Scenes, characters learn about the locations they travel through discovering legends and tales or just witnessing the beauty or horror of the land they live in. Knowledge is sometimes learnt through Roleplaying with NPC’s or Lore (MND) Checks. This knowledge is then roleplayed between the party as they traverse through the territory. The GM’s job is to bring to life the surroundings about the party and to provide some base information for the players to elaborate on. Perhaps the player has passed through here before, or had an experience along this particular stretch. Perhaps even the area is pertinent to the characters background and everyone can learn a little bit more about the character. Characters who do not take part in the Roleplay, earn nothing.
Combat Scenes are purely survival. If your character survives a Combat scene they gain XP. If a character is defeated, Knocked unconscious then they gain 0 XP, If they loose the fight but survive, eg: captured, surrender are forced to run away, then they earn 1 XP. If they win the fight and survive they earn 2 XP. Some combat scenes will be small skirmishes, while others can be long drawn out battles or armies or navies. during Combat Scenes the environment is a static scene, If the battle is forcing one side to keep moving through a dungeon or across a scrawling landscape then it is a chase scene.
Imagine each scene a scene in a film or a book. If it does not provide information for the plot, it should provide a challenge to overcome OR build upon the characters knowledge or explore their personality. THE GM will decide which scene type to be using and offer XP accordingly. There is no need to inform the players. XP works as 0 xp for those who do not take part or are defeated. 1 XP for taking part, 2 XP for winning a conflict within the scene or gaining key information that moves the plot of the story forward, this could be the Main Story arc, a side quest story arc or even a personal story arc for that player.

Spending XP

Attributes: 5 x Next Dice Type D6=30; D8=40; D10=50; D12=60; D12+D4 =80; D12+d6=90 etc…

Skills: 20 x Next Level +1=20; +2=40; +3=60; +4=80 etc

Health & Power: 2 x Next level EG: 15=30; 22=44; 30=60 etc…

Perks: 10 x Next Quantity of Perks. 4th Perk=40; 5th Perk=50; 6th Perk=60 etc.

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