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Specialisations List

Skills in the Core RPG are Specialisations that characters can become specialised in. Anyone can pick up a sword and attack using their COM (Combat) Statistics – but a true master will be specialised with the sword. 

Characters and certain Villains are legends in the making for whatever destiny has in store for them. To reflect their calling, the Hero or Villain will attain Specialisations to use throughout their adventures. 

Just like Statistics, Specialisations are measured in the way of Dice Types. Specialisations are associated with a particular Statistics. 

How to make a Specialisation check:

  • Build a Dice Pool Comprising of:
    • The Specialisation DT
    • The Associated Statistics DT
  • Roll both dice. (See Core Mechanics – Rolling Open ended Dice
  • Keep the Highest Dice and remove the lowest.
  • Add any modifiers to the dice result. 
  • Compare the result against the Target Dice Result.

Specialisation Name [Stat]: Specialisation description and rules.

Arcane Lore [MND]: 

This Specialisation is used to recognise Arcane Powers, markings and to identify arcane items. 

  • To recognise a Power being used, Roll Arcane Lore Vs The Targets Power Roll. If no Roll is Made then it is a D8 Difficulty Roll..
  • Recognising Arcane Markings require a success against a D8 Difficulty roll.
  • Identifying arcane Items require a success against a D10 Difficulty. Requires a day of research and study of the item. 

Arcane Staff [FOC]: 

As a Soft Action, a character with this Specialisation may channel arcane energy into a staff to provide a Shield to absorb Damage. This shield protects all adjacent allies providing +1 DMG RES.

  • It costs 1 NRG to channel energy into the staff and is considered an Active Power. 

(See Powers Section for Instant and Active Powers.)

Battle Lore [MND]: 

Your character has studied the arts of battle and the finer points of unit coercion. During combat when battling against the enemy, use the Battle Lore Specialisation as a Soft Action to gain Momentum for the party.  Roll Battle Lore [MND] vs a Difficulty of D8. This character can then distribute the degrees of success between the party.

  • If a double 1 is rolled then all party members lose 1 point of Momentum. 


Block [DEF]:

This Specialisation increases the chance of using shields and shield-like objects to defend with.

Bow [AGI]:

Your character has practiced long and hard with the bow. As a result of this dedication, a character with this Specialisation rolls a bonus dice with their AGI to make a ranged attack. 

A bow can hit targets at range. Point Blank (Adjacent) -1,  Range 5-100′ No penalty, Range 100-200′ -1, Range 200-300′ -2

Calm [SOC]:

A character with this Specialisation is skilled in saying just the right thing at the right time to calm a situation down, also at offering words of advice and the ability to listen to the concerns of others.

Use this Specialisation to remove Negative Mental Effects on a Target, such as Stun, fear confusion etc…

On a successful D6 Difficulty, the Calm roll can achieve one of the following:.

  • Remove Stun equal to the difference of the roll.
  • Remove a -1 Mental Effect from the Target.

Charioteering [STR]:

This specialisation is used to control Chariots during dramatic situations.

Climb [STR]:

A character with this Specialisation is skilled in climbing surfaces. Difficulty of the climb depends on the surface being climbed.

Diplomacy [SOC]:

This Specialisation is the result of studying the arts of debate and political affairs. It adds a bonus dice to the character’s ability to persuade others to their way of thinking.

This is resisted with Diplomacy [MND] and used during Drama Scenes.

Disguise [STL]:

A character with this Specialisation is particularly skilled with changing their appearance or able to act convincingly like someone they are not. To see past the disguise or act, a Target must be successful with a PER vs Disguise [STL].

Distract [SOC]:

Your character is Specialised at distracting opponents.This can be in the way of Words or Actions. 

Examples of Words: ‘Hey look out behind you!’, or whilst pointing to a location ‘What is that!’
Example of Actions: Throwing cups or bottles to shatter nearby and spray debris, or throwing a handful of dirt or debris, pushing chairs in the way, pulling over stacks of barrels. etc.

Use this Specialisation to attempt to distract an opponent within 50′ distance of you. Target must resist with MND or suffer -1 modifier to all actions for 2 rounds.

EG:  The Distractor rolls the Distract Specialisation and gets a 7. The Target rolls the MND Statistics and gets 3. The Target suffers -1 Modifier for 2 Rounds. 

Dodge [DEF]: 

Used to dodge attacks. On a successful Dodge [DEF] Roll the dodger may make a free 5’ movement in any direction without incurring an attack of opportunity.

Endurance [PHY]: 

The skill of enduring or bearing pain, hardships, etc. Whenever a character is resisting physical damage, they gain this Specialisation dice to DMG RES rolls too.

Espionage [PER]: 

This Specialization is the practice of spying or of using spies, typically by governments to obtain political and military information. With a Difficulty D10 test a character may distribute the degrees of success between allies as a modifier to their next SOC, STL or PER based Specialisations or Statistics tests.  

Fast Talk [SOC]:

Fast Talk is the characters ability to talk their way out of trouble.This is used to convince a target that what you are saying is actually correct despite what their beliefs are. Convincing a guard that you did not steal anything and that they should look for the real culprit elsewhere. Or troopers that these are not the robots they are looking for.  To succeed in convincing a target a test between Fast Talk [SOC] and the targets MND is required.

First Aid [MND]:

With this Specialisation your character may apply bandages and herbs to a wounded character during stressful actions.  This is a HARD action and the healer heals the difference of a First Aid [MND] Roll Vs Difficulty D6. A healer must be adjacent to the target.

Hide [STL]:

Characters trained in this Specialisation can avoid being seen, providing they have cover to hide behind, Hide Vs Spot [PER] check.

Inspire [SOC]:

On a successful Difficulty D6 check, the inspirer can provide one ally a bonus dice equal to the Dos to be used in their next action, providing that ally is within 15′ distance of them.

If the DoS is a result of 1-2 then provide a +1 bonus instead.

Interrogate [SOC]:

This skill is used to gather information through the art of questioning.  Sometimes violently or by clever use of persuasion or even bribery. Resisted either by MND or PHY, depending on the approach.

Intimidate [PHY]

Intimidate is used to cause opponents fear. Make an intimidation roll vs a targets MND. The Target suffers -1 to rolls for a duration equal to the degree of success of the roll. 

Initiative [AGI]:

This specialisation is used to gain advantage during initiative. A character with this specialisation is quicker than others to react.

Investigate [PER]:

This skill is used to locate clues, while researching or looking through belongings, or analyzing information.

Listen [PER]: 

This skill provides a bonus to PER to hear anyone sneaking up on you.

Lockpick [AGI]: 

A character with this Specialisation can attempt to bypass a door’s lock. The difficulty depends on the quality of the lock.

Lore [MND]:

This specialisation represents educated knowledge. With this skill you have studied legends about heroes, lands, culture and beasts, rulers , gods of secret organisations.

Lore is taken for each different type of knowledge. 

Martial Arts [COM]:

The Martial Arts Specialisation is the master of unarmed combat. 

Parry [DEF]:

A character with this Specialisation increases their chance of Defence. 

Riding [AGI]:

Riding Specialisation is used to control mounts during dramatic situations.

Sailing [MND]:

This Specialisation is used to navigate across the waterways.

Shield [DEF]: 

The skill of defending yourself with a shield. When armed with a shield or an object to use as a shield, You gain a skill modifier to DEF. May also be used to attack with, Shield [COM] but no benefit can be had this turn for defence. Shields do STR + 2 DMG.

Sling [AGI]:

 A sling can hit targets at range. Point Blank Range -1, Range 5-50′ No penalty, Range 50-100′ -1, Range 100-150′ -2

Stamina [PHY]:

Stamina is the Specialisation to continue or last; especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions. The character gains a Specialisation dice in their dice pool to resist the effects of fatigue or exhaustion. 

A character may also use Stamina to shake of pain of injury. 

  • Shaking off pain of injury, most wounds are superficial, scratches or bruises etc. If a character has Stamina Specialisation, they may attempt to recover some health. (This may only be attempted once during battle) The character recovers health equal to the degree of success against a D10 Diff. 

Sneak [STL]:

This Specialisation is used to sneak up to, or past, targets without being seen. Sneak Vs Listen [PER] check.

Spell [MND]:

A variety of spells do different things see spell list.

Spot [PER]:

The Spot Specialisation is used to spot hidden objects or targets. 

Survival [MND]:

This Specialisation is the knowledge of where to look for sources of water, food and safe shelter whilst out in the wild. 

Swim [STR]:

This Specialisation is used when swimming across difficult or deep water.

Track [PER]:

The tracking Specialisation is used to track targets. The difficulty of tracking depends on the environment.

Taunt [SOC]:

This Specialisation is used to draw the attention of a target to attack the taunter. Target resists with MND roll. Failure means the target must attack the taunter until targeted by a different attacker.

Thrown [AGI]:

A character can throw an item up to Point Blank Range -1, 5’-20’ No Penalty, 20’-40’ -1, 40’-80’ -2.

Wand Blast [AGI]: 

Characters with this Specialisation can channel their will through a wand to provide an arcane attack for [FOC+1] DMG, 

  • Range up to 15′
  • It cost’s 1 NRG to use the wand. 

Wand Parry [DEF]: 

This Specialisation can be used to channel the will to counter an attack by parrying with pure arcane energy.

  • It Costs 1 NRG to Parry with the wand.

Weapon Type [COM]

This Specialisation gives the character a better chance of success in combat.

Wrestling [COM]:

 Each success on wrestle can provide either 1 Health, Prevent any actions, Or [-1/success] to opponents actions. No Hard Actions may be performed while grappled.

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