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In most of the CORE Worlds Humans are the most common race, but some CORE Worlds will have strange and exotic races for your hero to be. 

All races are set out in exactly the same way so that you may compare which provides the best statistics, challenges for your character.

Description: This will describe how the race looks, it’s average height, weight and age etc..

Environment: The races ideal environment and home region. This can be a location n a singular game world or a planet dominated by a certain terrain type. 

Society & Culture: This is the races culture and society details

Outlook: the races outlook towards other races and even themselves. 

Abilities: All races will have an ability of some sort. Even Humans gain abilities. These abilities make the races stand out from each other.

Statistics: Races will grant a modifier to certain stats and some races may even have some penalties. These modifiers are added to the dice rolls when using that statistic. 

Naming conventions: Example of names common to this race… 

Once you have decided on the race, make the appropriate adjustments to your character sheet. Noting any Perks, modifiers or abilities.


Description: Elves are fey folk that are tall, thin with almond eyes and pointed ears. They are ageless, graceful. Their life is only ended by violence or disease. Elves have lived in the magical realms since time began and are incredibly knowledgeable. Their keen eyes allow them to see at night as if it was clear as day. Their eyes are normally brown or green, with hair that is golden, silver or black; all colours have a sheen about it giving off a soft radiant glow. 

Environment: Elves are commonly found deep within ancient forests secreted away from the prying eyes of the mortal races. But this may change depending on the CORE World you cho0se to set your game in.

Society & Culture: Elves value life and knowledge and spend most of their time seeking it. They study nature that surrounds them and their histories. Elves are monogamous and couple for life.  Their diet is a vegetarian diet. 

Outlook: Elves regard themselves superior to other races as they believe they are wiser due to their longevity. Looking at other races as Reckless and chaotic. 


  • Night Vision: Elves have the ability to see at night as if it was clear as day. There must be moonlight or some other form of illumination. to see by to gain advantage of this ability. If they are underground or in dark confined places they are capable of seeing twice as far with assisted torch light. 

Statistics Enhancements: Elves gain +1 to:

  • Agility – Elves are nimble and graceful
  • Mind – Elves have lived long in years and had plenty of time to expand their education. 
  • Stealth – Elves can move quietly and avoid being seen, as they are a secretive race and reveal themselves only when they desire to be found. 


Description: Humans come in a variety of shapes and sizes and skin, hair and eye colours depending on the setting. 

Environment: Humans are capable of surviving in most climates and adapt to their surroundings and can be found anywhere.

Society & Culture: Human culture is diverse and can contain many beliefs and ways of life. 

Outlook: Humans tend to be insular to their culture and community. Humans will rise up and unite if they feel their lands are threatened by an outside force even other humans. Humans are quick to dismiss the beliefs of others, claiming their beliefs to be the true way of the world. 


  • Diverse: Humans may choose an additional Perk of choice. Humans are a versatile race adapting to their surroundings or learning whatever trade is required to get the job done. 

Statistics Enhancements:

  • Multicultural: Due to the diverse cultural upbringing of human society, Humans gain +1 in three separate Statistics of choice. 


Description: Dwarves are short and stout, between 4 to 5 feet in height. Eyes tend to be grey or brown. Dwarves live between 200-300 years. 

Environment: Dwarves in most mythology can be found deep within their mountain lairs; preferring their vast halls carved out of stone. 

Society & Culture: Dwarves are natural miners and smiths, working their forges and crafting out of stone. They trade with the surface dwellers for food and fur with precious stones and ores. Dwarves are hard working and are a proud race. They defend their lands and kin with their lives. Dwarves rarely invite or allow strangers into their kingdom and keep themselves to themselves.

Outlook: Dwarves do not concern themselves with the affairs of the surface dwellers. They have their own enemies who reside in the dark beneath the earth, Dwarves have a hatred of goblins who constantly raid their kingdoms murdering their folk. 


  • Dark Vision: Dwarves live their lives underground and their eyesight has become accustomed to the dark environment that they inhabit.  Dwarves are able to see as clearly in darkness as they can in daylight. 

Statistics Enhancements: Dwarves gain +1:

  • Physique: Dwarves are hardy and tough.
  • Combat: Dwarves have learned that life underground is full of peril. They battle constantly with the other denizens of the dark. 
  • Strength: Dwarves work hard in their mines or building their great halls.


Description: Halflings are small humanoids that stand approximately 3 to 4 feet tall. Their feet are hairy and often bare, due to their tough soles. Their ears are slightly pointed. Halflings hair colours are commonly browns and blacks.

Environment: Because they live in a world surrounded by the ’Big Folk’ Halflings tend to reside in hidden vales away from the larger world. 

Society & Culture: Halflings have a high sense of community and the elder of their family rules their immediate family community. They have a love of stories and working the land that surrounds their community. Halflings do not have kings but have a council of Elders. 

Outlook: Halflings are a joyful race, happy and content. They are wary of outsiders but form strong friendships easily. Halflings are curious but cautious at the same time and will use stealth to keep hidden until they are sure that it is safe to be seen. 


  • Small: Halflings are difficult to attack due to their small stature. Enemies larger than a halfling suffer -2 to all attacks against the Halfling. 
  • Due to their short size they have a MR of 20’, they are not as fast as the big folk. 
  • Concealment: When Halflings are behind cover they are considered as out of line of sight and cannot be targeted, unless the Halfling attacks from cover.

Statistics Enhancements: Halflings gain +1:

  • Stealth: Halflings are sure-footed and can conceal themselves easily from the big folk.
  • Social: Halflings are joyous and likeable.
  • Perception: Halflings are alert and aware to danger.

Beast Folk

Description: Beast Folk are sentient humanoid animals with human intelligence. Although they have arms and legs like humans their appearance represents the animal form which they represent. Their colouring and markings tend to mimic such animals too. 

Environment: Beast Folk can be found in environments common to the animal they represent.  

Society & Culture: Beast Folk tend to be barbaric and savage in nature. Core Worlds will go into more detail regarding individual societies and cultures. 

Outlook: Beast Folk tend to be predatory and territorial. 

Cat Folk


  • CLAWS: Cat Folk have clawed hands providing +1 to unarmed DMG
  • Dark Vision: Cat Folk are able to see as clearly in darkness as they can in daylight. 

Statistics Enhancements: Cat Folk gain +1:

  • Nimble: Cat Folk gain a bonus in AGI 
  • Stalk: Cat Folk are taught from a young age how to sneak up on their prey and gain a bonus in STL 



  • Bite: Wolfen have powerful jaws, granting them +1 to unarmed DMG
  • Fearsome howl/growl: Wolfen are fearsome and intimidating and start with d4 in  Intimidation 

Statistics Enhancements: Wolfen gain +1:

  • Keen senses: Wolfen gain a bonus in PER
  • Tough: Wolfen gain a bonus in PHY



  • Tough Skin: Provides Lizardmen a +1 DMG RES
  • Bite and Tail attack combo: When attacking with unarmed combat Lizardmen gain +1 to DMG. 

Statistics Enhancements: Lizardmen gain +1:

  • Tough: Lizardmen gain a bonus in PHY
  • Strong: Lizardmen have great strength and gain a bonus in STR.

Winged Folk:


  • Flight: Sporting magnificent wings either leathery, feathered, scaled or otherwise,  this proud race can fly at MR of 25’. Any maneuvers required whilst in Flight is an AGI roll. Winged Folks can Specialise in Flight if they so wish during character creation or advancement. 

Statistics Enhancements: Winged Folk gain +1 to:

  • Agile: Winged Folk are agile and gain a bonus to AGI 
  • Strong Willed: Winged Folk have focused minds and gain a bonus in FOC 
  • Keen Sight: Winged Folk have great eyesight and gain a bonus in PER.


Description: Robots are humanoid in appearance and are available in all shapes, sizes and colours. They are normally built for a specific purpose and are programmed accordingly. As Player Characters, robots are sentient with advanced artificial intelligence programming. If you wish for your robot to be different than the bipedal version, for example fly or hover, then the appropriate power will need to be purchased as a Specialisation. 

Environment: Robots can be found in all environments.

Society & Culture: Robots do not have a society and are either tools, servants or pets. All Robots have a master who they serve faithfully.

Outlook: A robot’s AI software dictates its outlook, often the same as its master.  


  • Mechanical: Cannot be healed with healing; requires mechanical lore to fix
  • Metal body: Robots gain a +2 DMG RES
  • Artificial: Robots are considered property and therefore are not considered equal in non-robotic society.SOC -2
  • Does not breathe: Robots have no need to breathe and therefore are unaffected by toxic fumes, atmosphere or drowning.
  • Master: All robots have a master and must serve and protect their master even at the cost of their own existence. 

Statistics Enhancements: Robots gain +1:

  • Logical: Robotic minds are logic and therefore gain a bonus in MND
  • Programmable: +3 to be placed in Statistics of choice. May use this increase to remove the SOC penalty. This can be three separate statistics or into a single statistic or split into +1/+2.


Description: Mutants are humans that have been mutated due to the toxic environment they live in. Their appearance are boiled or melted skin, pock-marked and leathery. Their height is standard human height. Hair does not grow on the mutant. Mutants do not tend to live beyond 40 due to their infected condition.

Environment: Mutants live in a harsh environment either nuclear wastelands or some sort of arcane destroyed land. 

Society & Culture: Mutants are shunned by other races who fear them and fail to understand them. Mutants live in a savage and barbaric community where the strongest rule. Live is harsh and tough for mutants. 

Outlook: Mutants have lived their life being hated and feared or misunderstood. This takes its toll on anyone, especially Mutants who just want to be left alone and live a peaceful life.  

Abilities: Choose 1

  • Skin of Scales: This provides the Mutant with +2 DMG RES 
  • Red eyes: This mutation gives the Mutant Dark Vision, which allows the mutant to see as clearly in darkness as they can in daylight. 
  • Extra arm: The mutant has an extra arm which allows for an extra Hard or Soft action a turn. 
  • Claws: The mutant has long talons. +2 DMG when making unarmed attacks. +2 to any climbing checks.
  • Radioactive spit: The mutant can perform an acid attack at the cost of 3 NRG and deal +2 Ranged DMG.
  • Horns or spikes: The mutant has horns or some form of spikes sticking out if their skin. This provides +1 DMG RES and +1 DMG to unarmed attacks. 
  • Tail: The mutant has a tail. The mutant gains +1 to Acrobatic checks, +1 to Grapple checks and all opponents suffer a -1 COM when attacking whilst adjacent to this mutant. 
  • Wings: Mutants have some form of leathery wings which provide flight at an MR of 25’.

Statistics Enhancements: Mutants suffer:

  • SOC -1: Mutants are outcast from most societies. 

Statistics Enhancements: Mutants gain:

  • Varied Mutation: Mutants have +2 in one statistic of choice due to a mutation.
  • Low Profile: Mutants have learned to keep a low profile to avoid persecution and receive +1 STL


Description: Cyborgs are humans with cybernetic implants replacing parts of their body. Cyborgs cybernetics are often spray painted. Some keep their implants chrome. 

Environment: Cyborgs can be found in any human environment.

Society & Culture: Cyborgs are shunned and often looked upon as an abomination.

Outlook: Cyborgs struggle with their humanity as they combat the transfusion of mechanical parts to their biological bodies.  

Statistics Enhancements:

Cyborgs are normally shunned by society as a result of this all Cyborgs suffer a -1 SOC

Abilities: Choose two

  • Brain CPU: Enhances thinking speed +1 to MND and Initiative
  • Cybernetic eye: Thermal Vision and +1 PER
  • Metal Carapace: Body is encased in Metal Armor +2 DMG RES
  • Cybernetic Arm: This provides a +2 STR bonus.
  • Cybernetic Legs: This gives a +1 AGI and MR +10’ bonus.

Cyborgs can upgrade their cybernetics by purchasing powers as Specialisations. All powers are devices that are a part of the Cyborg’s body. A Cyborg’s NRG represents the power source required to power the devices.

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