Power Enhancements

When using powers there is the opportunity to enhance the game effect of the powers. Most powers have their own list of enhancements, but all powers may have the generic enhancements applied to them as well.

Enhancements cost NRG and can be used when the power is activated. Or as a soft action can be applied to active powers changing their effect. Enhancements may be removed as a Soft action to regenerate NRG.

Some Powers will have the Generic Enhancements included at a reduced NRG cost.

Generic Power Enhancements

Quick Snap

Casting Cost/Reduction: +3 NRG

Effects: The Power requires only a Soft Action to cast instead of a Hard Action.

Area of Effect

Casting Cost/Reduction: see below

Effects: The Power affects all within the area of effect. 

AOE (+2/5′): Everyone within the range of the target is also struck by the power.

Beam (+4): A beam heads out in a straight line from the user and strikes every target along its path for a range of 50′

Cone (+4): A Cone Path is used and strikes all within. The Path is 30′ long 10’ wide


Casting Cost/Reduction: +3 NRG

Effects: The power when it strikes the target potentially causes Knockback. The Knockback threshold is reduced to 5

Extended Range

Casting Cost/Reduction: +1 NRG/5′

Effects: The range of the power is extended. 

Touch Only

Casting Cost/Reduction: -2 NRG (Min 1) 

Effects: Reduces a ranged power to touch only. A successful unarmed attack roll is required to touch an unwilling target. 

Restriction [At Power purchase only] SUPERS ONLY

Casting Cost/Reduction: ½ NRG (Min 1)

Effects: This power is restricted in some way. It may require an item, or doesn’t work when it’s raining or only affects arrows. etc. The user when choosing the power may add a restriction to reduce its cost. The Games Master will decide if the restriction is uncommon enough to classify as a restriction.

Full Action

Casting Cost/Reduction: -3 NRG (Min 1)

Effects: No soft action can be taken when this power is used. The power requires a complete turn to activate. 

Cause Wounds

Casting Cost/Reduction: -1 NRG / Wound Suffered (Min 1)

Effects: Activating this Power causes the user to suffer health loss each time it is used. . 

No Knockback (Damage Dealing Powers Only)

Casting Cost/Reduction: -1 NRG (Min 1)

Effects: A damage dealing power does not cause knockback to it’s target.

24 Hour Regeneration

Casting Cost/Reduction: ½ Power Cost (Min 1)

Effects: The power cannot be used again for another 24 hours. Also the NRG used to activate the Power do not start to regenerate until the 24 hours are up. 

Linked Power

Casting Cost/Reduction: +3 NRG per Power

Effects: Multiple Powers are activated at the same time. This requires a successful FOC roll against a difficulty LVL equal to the quantity of Powers being activated.

The Powers must strike the same target. All the effects are applied together. And all resistances are rolled separately unless they use the same Specialisations.

Linked Powers is a HArd Action regardless of any Soft Action Powers used.

Reduced Range

Casting Cost/Reduction: -1 NRG / 5’ (Min 1)

Effects: The range of a power is reduced.

Increased Damage

Casting Cost/Reduction: +2 NRG / DMG

Effects: Increases the DAMAGE caused by the enhanced Power.

Energy / Matter Sources:

Air / Wind, Biological (Animal/Human Flesh / Fur), Darkness, Earth/Stone, Electricity, Electromagnetic, Fire / Heat, Ice /Cold, Kinetic, Light, Metal, Plant (Nature), Psionic, Radiation, Sound, Water.

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