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I started out with the vision to provide a free roleplaying game that has been created to the highest standard with amazing artwork etc at an affordable cost.

I also wanted those rules to be available for free for everyone to use for their personal use. (Sorry no open source licence organised for this yet!)

FREE Pegasus Engine CORE rules was last updated: 19th January 2022

So from here onwards I will develop a structure of pages that will provide you with:

  • All produced rules for free.
  • Video tutorials on how things work.
  • Extra Examples and FAQ’s
  • Adventures
  • Special Member Only Previews of Works in Progress. (These will then become available to the public once completed several months to a year down the line.)

Designed By
GM Draeus (Martin Harper)
Adam Albright, Dragongirl74, D.T. Lee, Eusi Toa, GMD Sarah, Keith Jarvis, Melanie “Hrefn” Moore,
P Herridge, Rich, Robert Nunn, Sarah Calverley, Spike, Squizz, Terry Freelander, Woadan
Cover and Graphics
Martin Harper
Interior Illustrations
Joseph Knight, Martin Harper, Sarah Harper

Dedicated to
Sarah, Jack, Abbie, Rob, Emily & Terri
and all GMD Online Patreon Investors!
For believing this project would succeed
A Special Thank You to Rich
whose idea it was to start this project.

Become a supporter of the CORE RPG Project and gain early access to works in progress and order digital and physical products for free by earning XP.

Supporters that have made this project a reality… Thank you everyone for your support over the years, I could not have done this without you!

Eusi Toa

T Gowdy, Silvereagle

A.Byron, R.Nunn, Woadan

K. Busby, Rich, Sophie, Waracolyte, S.Setzer, MFogg, NoQuarter, W.King

A Harrison, Carl, C. Bullivant, JForJackson, Karonlina, Laura, Sarah, T. Freelander, Voshi

Adam, A. Needham, David, D. McDonald, Goffick, Hrefn, Ian, P. Herridge, Spike, Nomad

Ace, Chad, Cosmo, Dragongirl, R.Finch, J. Grant, Hanzu, Jakob, Keith, Kokopelli, Luke, Mildra The Monk, Puxhe, C.Randall, Rocky, Zoe

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GMD Online, GMD CORE RPG logo are © 2018 CORE Worlds and Game Rules © 2001. All rights reserved.



01 – CORE MECHANICS (Pages 7 to 16)

  • How to play (p.7)
  • Statistics (p.8)
  • CORE Dice (p.9)
  • Specialisations (p.9) – To Follow
  • Difficulty Rolls (p.10) – To Follow
  • Dice Pools (p.10) – To Follow
  • Degrees of Success [DoS] (p. 13) – To Follow
  • Momentum (p.13) – To Follow
  • Character Sheet Overview (p.8) – To Follow
  • Energy (p.14) – To Follow
  • Health (p.14) – To Follow
  • Delirium (p.14) – To Follow
  • Movement (p.15) – To Follow
  • Character Development Points & Hero Levels (p.16) – To Follow

02 – Combat rules (Pages 17 to 38)

  • Initiative (p.17) – To Follow
  • Actions (p.18) – To Follow
  • The Combat Process (p.19) – To Follow
  • Making an Attack Roll, Damage Roll, Defence Roll & Damage Resistance Roll (p.20) – To Follow
  • Stun (p.21) – To Follow
  • Health/Delirium Loss, Death (p.22) – To Follow
  • Combat Rules & Options (p.23) – To Follow
  • Vehicles (p.33) – To Follow
  • Size (p.37) – To Follow
  • Energy (p.39) – To Follow
  • Using Powers (p.38) – To Follow

03 – Advanced Rules (Pages 39 to 48)

  • Effects (p.39) – To Follow
  • Lighting (p.40) – To Follow
  • Fear (p.41) – To Follow
  • Environmental Effects (p.41) – To Follow
  • Scenic Environments (p.43) – To Follow
  • Atmospheric Environments (p.45) – To Follow
  • Underwater/Drowning (p.46) – To Follow
  • Objects (p.47) – To Follow

04 – Creating a character (Pages 49 to 136)

  • Character Creation Process (p.50) – To Follow
  • Races (p.51) – To Follow
  • Roles (p.60) – To Follow
  • Specialisations (p.73) – To Follow
  • Perks (p.85) – To Follow
  • Energy (p.95) – To Follow
  • Powers (p.95) – To Follow
  • Health & Delirium (p.121) – To Follow
  • Spending Character Development Points (p.121) – To Follow
  • Worst Fear, Handedness & Desires (p.123) – To Follow
  • Catchphrase (p.124) – To Follow
  • Movement Rate [MR] (p. 124) – To Follow
  • Equipment (p.124) – To Follow

05 – Games Master’s Section (Pages 137 to 180)

  • How to be a Games Master/Your First – To Follow
  • Game (p.137) – To Follow
  • Designing Adventures (p.139) – To Follow
  • Scenes (p.139) – To Follow
  • Magical/Super/Futuristic/Wondrous – To Follow
  • Items (p.155) – To Follow
  • Bestiary (p.155) – To Follow
  • Adventure (p.175) – To Follow

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