Destroying Equipment

To destroy equipment DMG is rolled against the Items DMG RES (IDR). If the DMG is successful then the item is destroyed. If the Item has a DT value such as Weapons and Armour. Then the DT is reduced by 1 step per 10 DoS.

Equipment List

It is a Hard Action to reload a weapon unless stated. Except for Bow ,they can be loaded and Shot all in one Hard Action.

ROF is the Number of Targets that make DEF check in an Area of Effect equal to the ROF x 5’ Centered on the Main target. Then start with the closest targets outward.

Melee Weapons

AxeDMG: D6Range: 50504D6
Battle AxeDMG D8606D8
MaceDMG: D8505D8
Brass KnucklesDMG D4100.25D6
Black Jack / SapDMG: d6201D6
ClubDMG D653D4
SwordDMG D83003D10
Morning StarDMG D8806D8
NunchucksDMG D6202D6
Energy SwordDMG: D12 D68,0002D8
Knife / DaggerDMG: D4Thrown Range: 50351D6
LanceDMG: D10755D6
HalberdDMG: D1215012D8
PoleaxeDMG: D1012010D6
RapierDMG: D6AP LVL 35003D4
BatonDMG: D6201D6
ShortSwordDMG: D64002D8
SpearDMG: D6/D8 (1 / 2 H)Reach of 5’Thrown Range: 50404D6
JavelinDMG: D6Thrown Range: 60302D6
QuarterstaffDMG: D62-HGrants D4 BD to Parry104D6
MaulDMG: D10Reach 5’2-H8012D6
Great AxeDMG: D10Reach 5’2-H1008D8
WarhammerDMG: D8Thrown Range: 251007D8
ChainsawDMG: D82-H15013D8
FlailDMG: D81008D8
Bastard SwordDMG: D8/D10 (1 / 2-H)6505D8
GreatSwordDMG: D108007D10
KatanaDMG: D86505D8
WhipDMG: D4DoS 5+ Applies Grappled to target.202D6

Ranged Weapons

BlowpipeDMG: D4Range: 60301D4
BolasDMG: D4Applies GrappledRange 40202D4
BowDMG: D8Range 1501501D4
CrossbowDMG: D10Requires a Soft Action to reloadRange 1251505D6
NetApplies Grappled3010D6
SlingDMG: D4Range: 80201D4


ConcussionDMG: 3D12Range: 50
AOE 20’Knockback 5
FragmentationDMG: 2D12Range 50AOE: 30’102D6
Molotov CocktailApplies FireRange: 40AOE: 15’21D4
ChemicalApplies PoisonRange: 50AOE: 20’101D6
StunDMG: D12 D6 Vs MND Dos Equals Stun OnlyApplies Confusion & StaggeredRange: 50AOE: 30’401D6
PlasmaDMG: 3D12 D10Range: 50’AOE: 40’Applies Toxic1001D6


Flintlock PistolDMG: D10+1Range: 75Ammo: 12003D6
Deringer.41 DMG: D6Range 90Ammo: 21000.5D6
RevolverDMG: D10+1Range 125Ammo: 61502.5D6
Auto PistolDMG: D12 D4Range 150Ammo 9ROF 33003D6
SMGDMG: D12 D6Range 160Ammo:9ROF: 570010D8
MusketDMG: 2D12Range 200Ammo: 130015D6
RifleDMG: 2D12 D6Range: 800Ammo: 62507D8
Assault RifleDMG: 2D12 D8Range: 500Ammo:30ROF: 108009D8
ShotgunDMG: D8+4AOE: Cone 50’Ammo: 245010D8

Sci-Fi Weapons

Laser PistolDMG: D12 D6Range: 250
AP: 3Ammo: 300ROF: 3
Blaster PistolDMG: D12 D8Range  300AP: 1Ammo: 200ROF: 220002D8
Laser Sniper RifleDMG: 3D12Range  1000AP: 3Ammo: 752000020
Laser RifleDMG: 2D12 D6Range: 500
AP: 3Ammo: 300ROF: 3
Blaster RifleDMG: 2D12 D8Range: 250
AP: 3Ammo: 300ROF: 3
Heavy Blaster RifleDMG: 4D12Range: 250
AP: 3Ammo: 300ROF: 3


FurDMG RES D4202D6
LeatherDMG RES: D610010D6
Scale ArmourDMG RES: D815015D8
Chain MailDMG RES: D1020025D10
Bronze ArmourDMG RES: D1040020D12
Plate MailDMG RES: D12100030D12
Flak VestDMG RES: D1050020D10
Ballistic  SuitDMG RES: D12 D810006D12
Tactical SuitDMG RES: 2D12300015D12
Vacc SuitDMG RES: D10Immune to HazardousEnvironments. 10000.25D10
Powered ArmourDMG RES 4D12 D42000050D12


CloakProvides D4 BD to DEF (Not Parry or Block)303D6 (D4 Vs Fire)
Small ShieldProvides D6 Bonus to DEF (Not Parry or Dodge)508D6
Medium ShieldProvides D8 Bonus to DEF (Not Parry or Dodge)7515D8
Large ShieldProvides D10 Bonus to DEF (Not Parry or Dodge)10025D10
Energy ShieldProvides D10 Bonus to DEF (Not Parry or Dodge)15001D6


The following equipment list should suffice to outfit most adventurers. Feel free to add items!

Cost: The item’s price in whatever currency you use for your game.

Weight: The item’s weight, in pounds. Assume weight is negligible if not listed. 

IDR: Items Damage Resistance.

Camping and Survival Gear

Backpack, Frame 

Holds 100 lbs. of gear. Cost: 100, 10 lbs. IDR D6

Backpack, Small Holds 40 lbs. of gear. Cost 60, 3 lbs. IDR D6

Blanket  A warm sleeping blanket. Cost 20, 4 lbs. IDR D6

Bottle, Ceramic Holds 1 Litre of liquid (2 lbs. if full). Cost 3, 1 lb. IDR D4

Cable, Steel, Supports 3,700 lbs. Per 50’: Cost 100, 17 lbs. IDR D10

Camp Stove, Small Uses 0.25 gallons kerosene per 4 hrs. Cost 50, 2 lbs. IDR D6

Candle, Lasts 12 hrs. Cost 5, 1 lb. IDR D4

Canteen Holds 1 Litre of liquid (2 lbs. if full). Cost 10, 1 lb. IDR D6

Cigarette Lighter, Lights fire. Cost 10. IDR D4

Climbing Gear, Hammer, spikes, carabiners. Cost 50, 4 lbs. IDR D8

Compass D8 BD to Navigation Specialisation. Cost 50. IDR D8

Fishing Rod & Line &. Basic gear for Fishing,  150. IDR D6

Flashlight, 40’ beam. Cost 20, 1 lb., 5 hrs. IDR D6

Grapnel (Uses Throwing Specialisation) Supports 300 lbs. Cost 20, 2 lbs. IDR D12

Basic equipment for Cooking and Survival: Cook pot, rope, hatchet, etc.for 3-8 campers. Cost 200, 20 lbs. IDR D10

Iron Spike. For climbing, spiking doors, etc. Cost 1, 0.5 lb. IDR D8

Oil Per Litre: $1.50, 6 lbs. IDR D6

Lantern Burns for 24 hours on 1 Litre of oil. Cost 20, 2 lbs. IDR D4

Life Jacket Floats up to 350 lbs. (Grants D12 BD to Swimming) Cost 100, 6 lbs. IDR D6

Personal Basics Minimum gear for camping: (Grants a Bonus D8 to Survival) Includes utensils, tinderbox or flint and steel, towel, etc., as TL permits. Cost 5; 1 lb. IDR D8

Pole, 6’ Cost 5, 3 lbs. IDR D8

Pole, 10’ Cost 8, 5 lbs. IDR D10

Pouch Holds 3 lbs. Cost 10. IDR D6

Rope, Supports 1000 lbs. Per 50’ $5, 5 lbs. IDR D6

Sleeping Bag Cost 25, 7 lbs. IDR D6

Suitcase, Hard Holds 100 lbs. Cost 250, 8 lbs. IDR D6

Tent, 1-Man Cost 50, 5 lbs. IDR D8

Tent, 4-Man Cost 150, 30 lbs. IDR D8

Tent, 20-Man Cost 300, 100 lbs. IDR D8

Thermos Bottle (TL5). Keeps 1 litre hot (24 hrs.) or cold (72 hrs.). Cost 10, 2 lbs. IDR D8

Torch, Burns for 1 hr. Cost 3, 1 lb. IDR D4

Rations, One meal of dried meat, cheese, etc. Cost 2, 0.5 lb. IDR D4

Wineskin Holds 3 Litre of liquid (8 lbs. if water). Cost 10, 0.25 lb. IDR D6

Wristwatch Cost 100+ IDR D4


Communications and Information Gear 

Batteries Cost 1

Mobile Phone Only works in some areas; Cost 50/month fee, 0.25 lb., Lasts 16 hrs. 

Computer, Laptop Cost 1,500, 3 lbs., Lasts 3 hrs. 

Computer, Wearable Display glasses and wireless modem. Cost 1,000, 2 lbs., Lasts 8 hrs. 

Drum Audible for several miles. Cost 40, 2 lbs. 

Mini-Recorder ,  Palm-sized, with 10-hour Storage. Cost 200, 0.5 lb.

Radio, Backpack  50-mile range. Cost  6,000, 15 lbs., 12 hrs. 

Radio, Hand, Classic “walkietalkie.” 2-mile range. Cost 100, 1 lb., 12 hrs.

Radio, Headset With throat mike. 1-mile range. Cost 500, 0.5 lb., 12 hrs. 

Quills, inkbottles, penknife, paper. Cost 50, 2 lbs. 

Transistor Radio, Receiveonly; picks up radio stations. Cost 15, 0.5 lb., 8 hrs.

Fatscreen. Cost 150, 3 lbs., 4 hrs.

Typewriter, Manual (Cost 200, 10 lbs.

Wax Tablet, For writing; erasable. Cost 10, 2 lbs.

Equestrian Gear 

Bit and Bridle D6 BD to Riding, Cost 35, 3 lbs.

Horseshoes D6 BD to horse Stamina Rolls. Cost 50, 4 lbs. 

Saddle and Tack Basic equipment for Riding skill. Cost 150, 15 lbs. 

Saddlebags Hold 40 lbs. Cost 100, 3 lbs. 

Spurs D4 BD to Riding.Cost 25.

Stirrups D4 BD to COM from mount.. Cost 250, 35 lbs

Law-Enforcement / Security

Thief, and Spy Gear Bug, Audio (TL7). Diff 2D12 to spot, 1/4mile range, transmits for 1 week. Cost 200.

Bug Jammer Jams bugs in a 300 Feet radius. Cost 1,200, 2 lbs., 8 hrs. 

Disguise Kit D4 BD to DisguiseCost 200, 10 lbs.

Electronic Security Lock Slicer D6 BD to pick electronic locks. Cost 1,500, 3 lbs. 

Handcuffs Diff 3D12 to Escape. Cost 40, 0.5 lb.

Homing Beacon Scanner tracks at  10-mile range. Cost 40, 12 hrs. 

Listening Device Eavesdrop at. 900feet. range. Cost 500, 2 lbs. 

Lockpicks D6 BD to Lockpicking. Cost 50. 

Binoculars Range 3000 feet Cost 500, 6 lbs. 

Camcorder (Cost 1,000, 1 lb., 7 hrs.

Camera, Cost 150, 2lbs. 

Metal Detector Wand D8 BD to PER for metal items Cost 50, 1 lb., 8 hrs. 

Night Vision Goggles Cost 600, 2 lbs., 8 hrs. 

Telescope Range 1 Mile / Cost 500, 6 lbs. 

Medical Gear 

Antibiotic, REmoves 2 levels of Disease. Cost 20. 

Antitoxin Kit removes 2 Level of poison. 10 uses. Cost 25, 0.5 lb.

First Aid Kit (10 Uses). Might be clean cloth, adhesive dressings, or spray-on “plastiskin,” depending on setting. D8 BD to First Aid Cost 10, 2 lbs. 


Crowbar, 3’  Treat as a club in combat, Cost 20, 3 lbs.

Cutting Torch Deals D8 DMG AP3 Cost 500, 30 lbs. 

Pickaxe Cost 15, 8 lbs. 

Portable Tool Kit (var.). BD D6 to Specialisation the kit represents. 

Weapon and Combat Accessories 

Ear Muffs  Block loud noises D8 DMG RES Sonic Cost 200, 1 lb. 

Hip Quiver,Holds 20 arrows or bolts. Cost 15, 1 lb. 

Holster, Belt Cost 25, 0.5 lb. 

Holster, Shoulder BD D4 STL to conceal pistol Cost 50, 1 lb.

Lanyard, Leather Dropped weapons hang at body.  Cost 1.

Scope, D6 BD to Ranged Cost 150, 1.5 lbs. 

Shoulder Quiver Holds 20 arrows or bolts. Cost 10, 0.5 lb. 

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