This Advanced Rule Plugin allows the game to take on a different dynamic depending on the environment of the scene or source combinations used by the characters within the scene. 

Different types of source combined together can create a variety of effects or synergies. 


  • Toxic surfaces explodes when applied with Fire. Applies Toxic Cloud to toxic area.
  • Fire surfaces Applies Burning to any within. Applies Smoke Cloud to Fire Area.
  • Wet surfaces can be electrocuted causing DMG to all within the area of effect and applies Staggered to all who suffer Stun until all Stun is removed. Also can be frozen see ice.
  • Ice / Snow surface is incredibly slippery and requires a Difficulty D8 AGI check or fall prone
  • Oil surfaces are slippery and requires a D6 AGI or fall prone. Applies Slowed to any on the surface. Can be set on fire applying Burning to all within area.


  • Smoke Clouds block LOS and require a Difficulty D8 PHY or suffer the DoS of the difficulty in Stun
  • Steam Clouds: Block LOS and can be electrocuted and all within suffer DMG and applies Staggered to all who suffer Stun until all Stun is removed.
  • Mist or Fog Clouds grants all within a -1 penalty to ranged actions and PER. STL gains a D6 bonus dice.
  • Toxic clouds applies Poisoned to all within and blocks LoS. If fire touches the Cloud it explodes applying Burn to all within and everyone 5’ away.

Higher Ground:

  • Gain a Bonus D6 to attacks Specialisations when attacking a target on lower ground.

Scenic Environments

It is important to build any scene’s environment. This is a combination of atmosphere and actual terrain. Both atmosphere and terrain can affect the scene with a mix of bonuses and penalties (listed below)

Scenic locations may also affect the action that takes place within the location. Here is a list of possible scenic locations and the hazards they may pose.

Terrain Effects

Marsh / Swamps

Marsh or Swamps is normally  a flooded terrain of sodden and muddy terrain.

  • Marshland applies Slowed effect to all combatants.
  • The whole area is considered wet surface.
  • Fighting in a Marsh or Swamp is exhausting and all combatants suffer 1 Exhaustion Effect Per 5 Rounds.
  • Area is covered in Fog and causes a -2 to all PER stats and ranged attacks / Spells or Specialisations.

Climbable Surfaces / Mountainous 

When combat takes place on the edge of mountains, or where climbing rolls are required, normally surfaces that are approximately 20’ high with a vertical climb.

  • Creatures at the top may use a soft action to push another creature off the cliff.
  • Higher Ground comes into effect.
  • Climbers are at -3 to DEF.

Crags, rocky outcrops (defensible rocks), huge boulders 

  • Using a soft action to climb up onto a piece of scenery applies Higher Ground onto the character.
  • Crags and rocky outcrops block LOS.

Lone trees, boulders , Fallen Pillars, etc. 

A lone tree or Medium Sized boulders covered can provide cover. 

  • Creatures can hide among or behind them.
  • They grant D8 DEF Dice Bonus.

Stinging foliage or thorn bushes 

A significant bank of stinging foliage or thorn bushes can be quite the obstacle.

  • Clambering across this terrain piece is half MR
  • Target behind gain D6 DEF Bonus Dice.
  • The Foliage causes 1 stun per round due to thorns getting stuck or being stung. 

Sodden Ground

Thick mud, or deep sand underfoot can become difficult in combat or hinder movement.. 

  • Applies Distracted to anyone on this terrain surface.
  • Applies Slowed while on this terrain type..
  • Area is considred a WEt surface.


Ravines might be deep cracks in rocky ground or channels in peaty soil carved out by now-sunken streams. 

  • To cross requires a Diff D6 AGI.
  • Provides locations for Hide, Gain D6 STL Bonus Dice.

River shallows, stream, flood water 

Water that is up to thigh deep can cause a hazard during battle. 

  • Applies Slowed while in this type of terrain.
  • When DEF roll is made or a double Move Action is performed, then the character is required to make a Diff D6 AGI check or fall Prone and is applied Distracted and suffer DoS Stun.
  • Area is considered wet and cannot be destroyed by other sources. 

Copse of Trees or Hedges

Hedges and tightly grouped copse of trees can provide great opportunities to hide and offer cover.

  • Shooting through this type of Terrain is made at -2.
  • Character gain D8 STL Dice Bonus
  • Crossing this terrain is half MR.
  • Character behind cover here gain D6 DEF Bonus Dice.. 

Ruined Walls or Door ways.

These types of hard barriers offer great protection in combat. 

  • Character behind these types of barriers gain D10 DEF Bonus Dice.
  • Characters targeted by Ranged Attacks gain a D12 DMG RES
  • Hiding behind this type of structure grants a Bonus Dice of D10 STL 

Low Branches

Wooded areas or trees with low branches pose difficult to navigate through. 

  • Attacking a target amongst Low Branches is made at -1.
  • Low Branches provide a DMG RES Bonus Dice of D4
  • Anyone within the area of low branches is applied Distracted and Slowed.

Sloping terrain 

River banks, Hill sides, Ditches etc..

  • It is half move to cross this type of terrain
  • A character at the top of this terrain is granted Higher Ground over character lower then themselves. 
  • Attacking a target lower down the slope increases the chance of knock back and down the slope. Reduce the Knock Back for the attack by 3.

Atmospheric Environments

Strange sounds, deathly silence, or disturbing atmosphere. Can put the bravest on edge.

  • Entering the area requires a Difficulty D6 FOC or is applied Fear.

Loud Noise such as Thunder, Roaring waterfall or the drone of battle,

  • -3 to Listen checks..

Horrific vomit inducing smells. 

  • Applies Distracted if a Diff D10 PHY is failed. 

Horrifying sounds.

  • A Difficulty D8 FOC roll or suffer Distraction and Fear

Enchanted Sounds or Beautiful rays of sunlight penetrating forest canopies.

Angelic sounds, Sound of thriving wildlife such as the call of birds etc. Can be uplifting.

  • Applies Inspired to all good natured characters. 


Torrential downpour

  • Whole area is considered Wet
  • Double Stun taken.
  • Applies Distracted.

Freezing cold, torrential downpour, blizzard 

  • Whole area is considered ICE / SNOW Surface
  • Applies Distracted.

Gale, strong wind 

  • All ranged attacks range is halved and are made at -3
  • A difficulty D10 STR roll or suffer Staggered Effect each turn. Success removes the Staggered Effect.


  • SLOWED is applied to non aquatic characters.
  • Non Aquatic characters suffer -3 to all Combat Actions.

Environment Lighting

Different types of lighting can affect characters within the scene. Depending on the character abilities. 

Bright Light

This can be bright glaring sunlight, or reflect off a stark arctic landscape. Either way Bright light can be quite uncomfortable to most races.

  • A Scene with Glaring Bright Light causes all Ranged or PER based checks to be at -1

Dim Light

Torch Light, Moon light or poorly lit scenes can all be Dim Light Environments. Dimly lit areas can be hard to see in and also hinder those who do not have the ability to see clearly in such conditions.

  • A Scene that is dimly lit causes all Visual and Physical Actions to suffer -1.


Scenes that are in total Darkness are very hazardous to those who cannot see in the dark.

  • A scene that is in darkness applies Blindness to all characters in the scene.

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