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  • GMD is developing the CORE RPG providing it’s Patreon supporters the game rules for free online with amazing high-quality artwork. GMD will design and produce PDF versions of the rules and it’s settings for an affordable price. (Free to certain Tiers of support)
  • GMD will also develop Video and Audio Rule Explanations.

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Below you will find a complete RPG which is still in development but very much playable, with Character Creation and a large Power List. However, Work is still being made on these rules ready for production into a PDF and Printed Product.


Clicking on any links and access to the rules you are agreeing to the Terms & Condition that no content may be reproduced in any way or copied from this site. Or allowing non-Patreon Supporters access to these pages. It remains the sole property of GMD Online. We will be bringing you a PDF that will be FREE to certain Tier Levels or Depending on the length of support. This will include high-quality artwork and all the rules once we are happy that we are ready to go to production.

We at GMD Online are working hard to the specifications of our Patreon Supporters, to bring high quality and professionally developed gaming system and products.

Anything that does not make sense or you just cannot get your head around why not pop onto Discord and chat to GMD Online, who would be more than happy to explain anything you do not understand or offer any GMing advice etc. Alternatively, leave a comment below and a member of staff will answer your comment.



Enjoy exciting tales of heroic action. Swords clashing above the sound of crashing waves as boats ram each other during a raging sea battle. Within a war torn world where gods walk among man, casting lightning bolts at titanic beings. Or dodging laser bolts whilst racing towards your starship to escape from a cruiser that is engaged in a galactic space battle. Exchanging Turbo Cannon fire with other capital ships whilst starfighters weave in an intricate dance of death among the stars. Or being punched through walls by a Mutated Super Being and your armour’s systems rerouting power from thruster and shields to hand blasters, whilst your super team engage a megalomaniac murder bot attempting to destroy the world. Fighting against time as a bomb that will end countless lives is ticking away with an army between you and the death of millions. Or whatever your imagination conjures. A set of rules carefully crafted to allow you to become the hero you were born to be…


What is a Roleplaying Game?

Wikipedia describes roleplaying games as:

A role-playing game (sometimes spelled roleplaying game; abbreviated RPG) is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Players take responsibility for acting out these roles within a narrative, either through literal acting, or through a process of structured decision-making regarding character development. Actions taken within many games succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines.


What type of Roleplaying Game is CORE RPG?

The CORE RPG is a universal cinematic roleplaying game. It can be used for any genre and any style of roleplaying game. The rules are ideal for a dungeon crawling hack and slash, or intense drama filled roleplay story. Or even a mix of everything. It has rules for combat with all technological levels of weapons, from swords and bows to laser pistols and force swords. The rules also cover different types of Powers from Arcane energies of a wizard, faithful prayers of a cleric or even fantastic super powers of a superhero. There are rules to govern vehicular combat in all environments, be it beneath the waves, across endless wastelands or amongst the stars.

There are rules to cover different types of scenes including fast action packed combat scenes, deep drama that requires a battle of words rather than swords, romance scenes that deal with seduction or building the bonds of loved ones, dealt with in a tasteful fashion. And many more.

This is a set of rules to allow you to forge incredible stories and legends, design exciting characters and villains – both as Players or as a Games Master; the Games Story Teller, commonly known as a Games Master. The Games Master is the Director or Narrator of the tale.

Although careful consideration has been made so that the CORE RPG has been designed as a universal set of rules for any genre and any given situation, in certain sections explanation have been given where rules may differ according to Genre. Also the individual official CORE Worlds may expand upon these rules, enriching your gaming experience.

All rules will be updated with new additions and freely available on our GMD Online website.



Tools of the Trade

As well as this rules book, the players will need some paper to note their character’s statistics and details. Or a print out of the CORE RPG character sheet that can be found at the end of this book or FREE online on our website.

A set of traditional gaming dice: 4-sided, 6-sided, 8-sided, 10-sided, 12-sided.

It is recommended to obtain several of each dice for quickness, in case your character is required to roll multiple of the same dice.

Dice are available from your favourite local gaming store, or online.

A group of friends to enjoy some heroic tales with.

A World to set your adventures in for the players to explore and become triumphant in their pursuits or to fall and find a legendary end.

Game Worlds can be found at your local store or online at www.gmdonline.co.uk

Miniatures or tokens to represent the heroes and villains during combat. This will help visualise everyone’s location in relation to each other. You can purchase miniatures and tokens from your local game store or online. GMD Online have supplied some Tokens and Card Stock Miniatures on our website for use with our official CORE Worlds.
A large piece of paper or whiteboard to draw out the battle maps on. You can get printed Battle Maps at your local store or online or from our website. These really help the players envision and interact with the tactical situation of the battle.


The Rules in this contents are currently out of date. Please check out Patreon to download the PDF. These Rules will be updated shortly



Game Mechanics

Character Creation


Roles & Paths

Character Development Points



Powers / Spells

Power Enhancements

Power List

GM: Scenes

GM: Environmental Effects

GM: Beastery (On It’s Way)



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