Creating a Character

To become the hero you were born to be you need to first forge them out of your imagination. The following chapters give you all the tools necessary to give birth to your hero. This information is the lifeblood of the character and will let you know what the characters strengths and weaknesses are and how well they will be at performing certain tasks. 

You will need a piece of paper or a printed copy of the character sheet to note all your character’s details. The character sheet can be photocopied or printed out and can be found at the rear of this book. Also, you can download it from our website.Some CORE Worlds will have their own unique character sheets designed for use with that CORE Setting.

Now that you are armed with your character sheet let’s start creating your character!

Character Creation Process

All characters start as an idea. Come up with a concept for your character and then follow the character creation rules below to bring your character to life; each of the steps are explained in more detail in these creation rules:

  1. Choose a race and apply the racial statistic modifiers to your character sheet, then note your racial abilities.
  2. Choose the Character Role and Path then add statistics, Perks, Specialisations and bonus equipment to your character sheet.
  3. Energy = FOC DT.
  4. Health = PHY DT x2.
  5. Spend Character Development Points (CDP).
  6. Choose a Personality Type, then choose a Strength & Weakness. 
  7. Momentum: All heroes start with 0 Momentum. 
  8. Choose a Worst Fear, Weakness and a Desire.

Energy (NRG)

A Character’s Starting NRG is equal to their FOC Dice Type. Remember, if you increase your FOC during Character Development or during the game, your NRG also increases by 2.

If your Focus Statistic has a modifier, you also add this modifier to your available NRG.

Energy is primarily used to activate Powers.This is explained more in the Powers section on Page XXX.

There are alternate uses for spending NRG during combat at no extra cost:

  • NRG can be spent to gain extra movement as you push yourself to the limit.. A character can move an extra 5’ MR per 3 NRG spent.
  • A character can spend NRG to recover lost Health. For every 3 NRG spent to recover Health, a character gains recovers 1 Health.
  • NRG can also be spent to remove Stun that a character has suffered. For every 3 NRG spent to remove Stun a character may remove 1 point of Stun.


All characters start with 2 x PHY Dice Type in health. Once you have doubled your PHY Dice Type, if you have any modifiers in your Physique Statistic then you gain this modifier in Health also. (You do not double the modifier) 

Remember if you increase your Physique during character development or the game play, then the Health also increases. Therefore – each Dice Type it is increased also increases your health by 4.

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