GMD CORE RPG: 05 – GM Section


The first draft of the GM Section has been exported for editing.. 40 pages of GM goodies!

What to expect:  

  • The section is a mess, no set up just text. 
  • Many of the top bars are not complete. Still waiting for a ton of art for this part of the book. 
  • Adventure is missing from this section, It will be available soon folks! 
  • Mass Battles has not been written and will require Play Testing
  • Vehicle Stat Blocks to be Created after Play Test.

This section is nothing but a huge block of Text, This is not what CORE RPG is about, therefore, will require breaking down into process charts and quick and easy no-nonsense rules. 

Once I have uploaded this PDF I will then start on Corrections of the previous chapters that I have received from editors. 

A Quick Breakdown of the Project Plan

April 13th – 19th: 

  • Complete Missing Rules
  • Correct Spelling, Grammar and consistency errors provided by editors
  • Correct Existing Rules
  • Complete Artwork
  • Complete Layout Design  

April 20th – 26th:

  • Final Edit run
  • Complete Final Design Layout

April 27th – 30th:

  • Send to Printers for Proof Colour / Quality Print. 

May 1st:

  • Send final files to Printers ready fulfilment date.

May 2nd:

  • Send FREE Printing Codes to Patreons entitled to Physical Rewards

May 3rd:

  • Send PDF’s To Patreons entitled to receive Digital Rewards

May 4th:

  • Send Printing Codes to Kickstarter Backers for FREE Printing & Send PDF Copy

June 6th: (Happy birthday to my Mum!)

  • Public Release of GMD CORE RPG!!

Thank you all for believing in us and this project, I could not have done it without you… 

As you can see it all looks like we are going to meet our fulfilment date! Exciting!!

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