GM SCREEN Patreon Member Special Offer

The GM Screen design will have a full-frontal artwork spanning all panels. The idea currently being discussed is that it will depict a battle. On the ground, it will have melee and ranged battle from all genres to show the universal side of the game. The sky will be a space battle but also have dragons, superheroes, helicopters etc battling it out. In a massive good versus evil war.

Any Patreon Member of GMD Online who backs the CORE RPG Kickstarter will have a character of choice added to the GM Screen.

However, Any Patreon who backs the Kickstarter for £50 or more Creator Reward Tier will be allowed to choose two characters to appear on the front of the GM Screen. But, only if the GM screen is unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign.

Please share with friends and gaming groups and unlock our second Stretch Goal. 

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