GAU Cover Preview

Here is the first proof of the GAU Cover. Let me know in comments below what you think!

What is GAU?

GAU Stands for Gods Amongst Us, it also represents an organisation called Genetic Augmentation Unit where the player characters are created!

The heroes wake to find themselves in a facility without any recollection of who they are. They are aware that they have powers and remember what they are capable of. But cannot remember anything about their past, where did they come from? Is anyone missing them?

Worst still who are they?

GAU is a super-powered campaign setting for the GMD CORE RPG Game. There are plans to develop the setting into other systems in the near future. The setting takes place in Cape Town in Africa, a city of supers that has some sort of energy field about it. What the purpose of the field is is unknown. But no one can get in and no one can get out without the Cape Towns Government’s permission. Is this for the protection of supers or the protection for the rest of the world?

The setting adds a more comp[rehensive set of rules to the GMD CORE RPG for running super-powered games. It also adds more Character Perks, Specialisations etc .. to enhance your GMD CORE RPG Games.

Development of this setting has started and playtest will commence shortly. 

As normal Patreons will be consulted/informed of all progress, so watch this space!

This campaign setting has been made possible by the support of GMD Online’s Patreons. You are all amazing! Thank you so much! 

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