Games Master’s Guide


With the rest of the box set written and sent to the editors, it just leaves me the Games Masters Guide. I have been working hard on writing content for the guide.

My vision for this book is to provide tools to the Games Masters, especially new Games Masters, to enhance their games.

Since Pegasus Engine is a Cinematic Orinetated Roleplaying Experience (CORE), I would like to ensure that GMs have what they need to provide that experience to their players.

So here is an overview of the content I have included so far, or intend to include:

  • How to be a Games Master – A Set of Golden Rules to remember and an example of a Game Session.
  • Starting Your First Game
  • How to Run a Game – Including: Preparing the adventure, organising a game, Setting Up, Advice about Creating characters, Starting the game session, Running the game, Handling Unexpected Situations
  • Genres – How to set tone and mood
  • Creating Stories – Designing Adventure, Adventure Plot, Adventure Objectives, Adventure Structure, Player Hooks
  • Creating Custom Playable Races
  • Scenes – Scene Types, Scene Objectives, Scenen Rewards, Designing Scenes, How to run each of the scene types,
  • Down Time – Spending CDP, Restrictions, etc…
  • Encounters – Balancing Encounters (to be honest this is most likely going to be moved to the Encounter Guide.
  • Traps

So much still to do for this guide but it is coming along nicely. But my question to you all is, what is missing? What do you want to see included?

Simply reply in a comment below or on discord in the Pegasus Engine Channel:

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