FREE Games! and ALL New Membership

Massive changes to GMD Games Club!

All games are FREE to all players, Members and non-members.

As of MAY there will be only one membership level.

This will be charged at £5 a month to become a GMD Member.

What do you get as a GMD Member?

  • GMD Members get first choice of up and coming games.
  • ALL GMD Members get 1 GMD Re-roll per game.
  • ALL GMD Members get written into plots. Non-members make up the rest of the group as extras.
  • All players can win MVP. But only Members can earn a bonus plot card or re-roll to be used in the game where MVP is won.
  • Player who wins end of month MVP [The Player with the most MVP wins] gains a PERK to be used in any character of choice.
  • GMD Members gain 1 plot card per game where plot cards are used.
  • GMD Members will earn achievements for their games they play in. This will give them the chance to earn extra re-rolls, plot cards and Perks.

GMD Tokens?

As of May 2016 GMD tokens will no longer be used. Members who have GMD tokens can cash them in for a voucher at the rate of £1 per Token. Alternatively you may cash in your GMD Tokens at the rate of £1 cash per 2 Tokens. Lastly you can covert 3 Tokens into a PERK. Contact GMD requesting what you wish to do. Tokens will be removed from the website by the end of MAY giving you one month to claim your prizes.

Any suggestions or questions please feel free to contact GMD or leave a comment below.

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