Foundry VTT – Pegasus Engine Ruleset

Pegasus Engine has been finally added to the Foundry VTT, our chosen platform for playtesting the system.

Over the past year and a half, I have been using a variety of interfaces to playtest various CORE RPG products. Each time the interface would get updated and break all our customizations. This caused months and now nearly a whole year’s worth of delays as I attempted to fix the interfaces. I’m only one person and without a playtesting interface, I have no way to develop new products with my Members, who are a valuable source of inspiration.

The decision in September was that I could not do this alone as I just did not have the time to learn a new scripting language and how to get it to do what I needed it to do without devoting another year to its development.

I already have Pegasus Engine RPG, Onslaught Card Game and the AAE Guide to get ready for Expo this June!

Welcome, Uberwald to the Design Team!… A savior! Amazing work as since October he has completed the Pegasus Engine Interface for Foundry VTT.

The image may change slightly from the final version but this edition is amazing! Really flows smoothly once you get your head around the interface.

I will provide tutorial videos for both players and Games Masters alike. This interface has been made possible by the collective support of the GMD Online Official Members and Patreon Supporters.

Once the final minor adjustments have been made I’ll be making this available to members for FREE while we move onto the Vehicles Character Sheet. Once the Vehicle sheet is completed, I will make it publically available to all for FREE.

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