Difficulty Rolls

01 – CORE Mechanics

Difficulty Rolls (p.10)

Whenever a task is attempted and there is no opponent to roll against, the GM will assign the task a difficulty value, based on how complex the task is.

The GM will decide on how difficult a task is. See GM Section.

Dar wishes to sneak along the icy halls to the chamber to see what all the chanting is about.
The GM decides that this would be an average difficulty (D6), as the occupants are engrossed with their sacrifice and are not particularly looking out for anyone; if they were, then the difficulty would be the lookout’s [PER] Statistic instead.

Dar discards the 2 and keeps the 7. Dar wins, as it beats the GM’s result of 3. Dar sneaks up successfully.

Last Updated: 16th February 2022

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