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Dice Pools (p.10)

The CORE RPG uses a Dice Pool system consisting of 5 different dice categories: Statistic Dice, your Specialisation Dice, your Bonus Dice, target’s Hindrance Dice and your Other Dice.

Stacking Dice: When putting your Dice Pool together, dice of the same type stack. So if you are required to roll [AGI] [DEF] then you add the levels together and roll the equivalent dice; eg: D6 [AGI] & D8 [DEF] would result in 2+3 (5) a D12. Until you understand fully the Dice Pool, it is recommended to stack Dice Pool using the Dice Pool card available for FREE on our website. See Dice Levels on page 11.

Reading the Dice Pool

As the system is highest wins, roll all the dice in your Dice Pool and only keep the highest, the rest are discarded. This is your result.

The game works on an opposing game mechanic, which means you are always testing your abilities against a random factor, normally an opponent’s dice roll. An opponent will follow the same steps above.

Once both opposing sides have rolled their dice, compare the results. Don’t forget! The highest wins. If both sides’ highest values are a draw, then it is considered a failure.

Dice Pools are made of Statistics, Specialisations, Other Dice and any Bonus or Hindrance Dice that are granted to influence the chances of success.

Statistic Dice

Every Dice Pool contains Statistic Dice, except for the Difficulty Dice Pool.

Specialisation Dice

If your character is specialised in the task that you are attempting, add your Specialisation Dice to your Dice Pool.

Bonus Dice

Characters will gain Bonus Dice from allies, Perks, Powers, Items, etc. All of these Dice Levels stack and are then checked against the Dice Level Chart to see what Bonus Dice is granted to the Dice Pool.

Note: Each Level increases the Dice Level by one. If granted a Bonus Dice and you have none already, then the first Level granted will go from 0 to 1: D4.

Hindrance Dice

Often, effects and environments will hinder a character. All Hindrance Levels stack and are cross-referenced against the Dice Level Chart just like Bonus Dice.
Your Hindrance Dice are added to the opposing Dice Pool, to represent the increase of difficulty your character is currently affected with.

The STUN effect is currently at Level 3, which gives the opposing Dice Pool a D8.

Other Types of Dice

Items can often add extra dice to Dice Pools, such as Weapon Damage, Armour Damage Resistance and Shield Defensive Capabilities.

Dice Types & Levels

Last Updated: 23rd February 2022

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