D&D 5E: Eaves of Mirkwood – Episode 2

Dispatching the goblins of Mirkwood, the heroes meet the Dwarves Snorri, Borri and Har. Grateful for the heroes assistance, the Dwarves invite them back to their camp. At the Camp Borri roasts a pig and they eat a hearty meal and drink fine ale. Stories are told, Games are played and Ingold is gifted a finely crafted pipe, hand carved by Snorri, for winning the smoke rings competition. They all soon fall asleep, their bellies full and their heads heavy. They are rudely awoken with sacks being pulled over their heads and their limbs bound. Accused as thieves for stealing their pig. They are marched roughly to Rowanhold to stand trial.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: JOSH

2nd Place: EUSI


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