D&D 5E: Eaves of Mirkwood – Episode 1

The first play test session of D&D 5th Ed and AIME (Adventures In Middle Earth)

So I run a multitude of campaigns and work relentlessly on various projects, which leave me little time or energy to learn something new. Although I have run many AD&D 2nd Edition games and D&D 3, Pathfinder, didn’t touch 4.0 and have dabbled with 5th Ed. I have not been a great fan as it always seems to degenerate into a rules quoting game.

Nevertheless I have given it another go, and as predicted the rules were being quoted, but I did ask for help as I just could not remember some of the rules. Consequences for running Savage Worlds for the past few years and old age. Probably also a result of taking in too much too.

That said, I really like Adventure In Middle Earth, it has some potential to be a deep roleplaying game. I really like the Journey rules, Just cannot remember how to use them, not to worry I have PDF’s and the Hardbacks on hand. They certainly didn’t help me as I forgot to bring the LoRE Masters Guide into the studio or load up the PDF. But we still had fun.

What did we play?

The adventure I decided to start with was the introduction adventure Eaves of Mirkwood, feel free to watch how we got on below… See the mistakes I made and watch next session to see if I have remembered the rules I could not remember!

The heroes left Woodmans Town to circumvent Mirkwood after they planned a journey to Laketown. On route they rushed to the aid of Dwarves who were waylaid by goblins.

Watch Now!

WARNING: May Contain strong language and offensive topics. None of which is meant to cause offence. Be advised!



What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: SPIKE

2nd Place: JOSH


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