Create a Starguard Hero!

Hi, Patreons of Hērōs, Oracle & Pantheon Tiers,

Thank you so much for believing in the projects I am currently working on. 

As part of your Tier Rewards, you have access to this post. On this post, you can order your Hero to join the Starguard in their missions across the galaxy.

To create your character please fill in the following information for your character and post it in a comment below. I will then work with you on this post to create and add your hero to the Starguard future productions. 

Creating a Character: (Please note if you already have a character prior to this post, you can now create another!)

Post a comment below with the following details…

  • Characters Super Name (If any)
  • Character Race: See this post for races 
  • What is your Character Real Name?
  • What powers does your character have?
  • What is your character weakness?
  • Is there anyone important in your characters life? (Friends / Loved ones / Family/dependant, child, pet etc..) 
  • What is your character’s background?
  • Why has your character joined the Starguard (An Intergalactic Peacekeeping and rescue force)
  • Do you have any enemies, if so who and why?

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