Cover Art Takes Form

The Cover art has taken form and the concept is looking nice indeed!

We have gone for an abstract design, with the heroes and locations nothing but a silhouette to represent that everyone’s visualisation of characters and locations are different and this leave it to your imagination to decide what or how these shapes takes form.

The Rules themselves are coming along nicely. More play tests are being carried out tonight, which I hope will iron out any unforeseen kinks.  

A decision has been made to make the rules as easy to follow as possible, to avoid large blocks of text so that Players and GM’s alike can dive straight into their stories.

Also the cover art will continue throughout the book, At the bottom of every page I plan to have a story told by the silhouettes. Watch out for your favourite characters that may have appeared in such a tale! There will however be full colour art, that is being created by our artist, through out the book. 

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