CORE Villains!

Hi Patreons,

I would like to offer every Patreon regardless of Tier Level a chance to immortalise their favourite villain on the CORE RPG. 

I am about to start the design of the next CORE RPG product. The CORE Bestiary, My first goal is to design a cover to be used in advertising of the product. So I wanted to use this opportunity to give you something to say thank you for investing in me…

A Villain can be a major NPC encounter in one of the games you have run as a GM or a game that you played in.

To claim this reward and have your favourite villain added to the cover of the CORE Bestiary, follow these simple instructions:

Comment to this post with the following details:

  • What is the name of your villain?
  • Describe the villain you wish to be added. (Limited by my skills as an artist, I am unable to everything but will try my best.)
  • What is it? E.G> Orc, Human, Dragon, Giant Robot, Lich etc..
  • What genre is your villain from?

If I require any further details or that the villain cannot be created I will contact you in a reply to your comment below. 

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