CORE RPG Play-Test Report

Weapons & Armour

The last play-test session saw the test between the new and old style damage and armour rules.

New Style:

When Damage was rolled the player would roll their STR + Weapons DMG MOD + DoS


Defending Players PHY + Armour DMG RES MOD

Old Style:

Damage was the players STR, Weapons DMG Dice + DoS, Drop the lowest.


Defending Players PHY & Armour Dice. Drop the lowest.


The Play testers tested both systems and it was agreed that the Old Style was more exciting.

Thrin was concerned regarding the DoS DMG Bonus and therefore a Design day has been dedicated to reworking it.

A quick Play-test with Spike has the new DoS Bonus system at a usable level. It will be hopefully play tested tonight.

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