CORE RPG Miniatures Development

Hi patrons,

As most of you know from Discord, I have decided to make a start on organising the first miniatures range to make available.

I am going to work with those of you who would like to have a fantasy character immortalised.

The Range is a Male and Female for the following Races:

Human — Female = Yemaya the Sorceress —  Male = Rastan the Barbarian
Elf  — Female = Lessa an Elf Ranger/Archer  — Male = Available
Dwarf  — Female = Available —  Male = Peren / Fighter
Halfling — Female = Available —  Male = Available  
Catfolk — Female = Available —  Male = Available  
Wolfen — Female = Available —  Male = Available  
Winged Folk — Female = Available —  Male = Available  
Lizard Man — Female = Available —  Male = Available  

So please leave a comment with the miniature you wish to have immortalised. I will then add it to the list above so members can see what is available. Can you let me know the following:

The Race / Gender / Class / Name

Thank you!

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