Hi Patreons, 

Firstly, apologies for all the posts, but work is thundering forward at a colossal rate! After all, I did have a days break!

As you are all aware I like to engage you all in the various stages of the design process, especially where a difficult decision is required and I have always found you all a fantastic source of inspiration.

Now, it is time for the CORE RPG GM Screen Kickstarter Reward.

The artwork has started on the battle that will take place across the front of the GM Screen! But we need a size to work too…

There are not enough funds left for a Deluxe Screen made of glossy card and laying landscape etc.. ( I will do one at a later date)…

However, I do have enough for either GM Screen Inserts for use with the Multi-purpose GM Screen on DriveThru. Problem is you would have to spend about $22.99  to buy the screen for the inserts to go into. 

The other option is a Cheapo Printed Card GM Screen 16″ x 10″ and looks like this:

The question is which do you prefer?

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