CORE RPG: Energy Update

I have added some extra uses for NRG during the game. It is no longer the sole use for Power activation.

Here are the new rules:

Energy (NRG)

There are alternate uses for spending NRG during combat as a free action:

  • NRG can be spent to gain extra movement as you push yourself to the limit… A character can move an extra 5’ MR for 1 NRG.
  • A character can spend NRG to recover lost Health. For every 3 NRG spent to recover Health, a character recovers 1 Health.
  • NRG can also be spent to gain bonus dice as a result of extra effort. Each NRG provides a bonus dice level. 
  • Remove applied effects (See Effects)
  • A character may spend 4 NRG to gain a +1 to dice result (Max +1)

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