CORE Miniatures: Angelica Star

Hi members!

I have returned from the Birmingham UK Games Expo at the NEC. What a show we had, I have lost my voice but it was worth it!

At the show, we showcased all our physical goods and told of the bespoke members club that we have and it all received positive comments and we even made some sales!

I released the Miniatures and the Vehicles & Mounts Guide at the Show!

I also demoed our up and coming CORE: Board Game rules which went down a treat.

We used the crew of the Angelica Star:

Our up and coming Graphic Novel, which has started on discord. I decided to create a quick scenario pre-dating the comic which caused the pirates to chase the crew to their current circumstances.

Here is a look at some of the painted miniatures I did for the show:

This was the display showing off unpainted miniatures while we used the painted versions in the demo… The painted miniatures might not be the best photographed as I was using my Mobile Phone.

Captain Av’ril … £4.99 Unpainted

Zarah… £4.99 Unpainted

Corvak… £5.99 Unpainted

Barnes… £4.99 Unpainted

Kitbashed… £4.99 Unpainted

KR-416… £4.99 Unpainted

XP Chart

These of course will be added to the XP Chart as unpainted, painted and STL File format. Any miniatures purchased outside of the XP Chart will reward you with XP too.

This is just the start of the miniatures range. If you look in the unpainted display case of the miniatures above, you will notice Ray, the first StarGuard to be created in miniature form. The rest will follow!

Let me know what you think in a comment below.

P.S: Don’t forget to switch your Patreon to GMD Online Membership to gain access to the XP Chart!

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