01 – CORE Mechanics

CORE Dice (p.9)

Only 5 types of gaming dice are used in CORE RPG.
Dice: Dice are abbreviated as follows:






If you see something like D4+1, that means you roll a four-sided dice and add 1 to its total. The more dice that are rolled, the better chance of rolling the highest.

Open-Ended: In CORE RPG all dice are open-ended. Any dice that rolls its maximum face value, roll again and add it to the previous roll. Keep going until no maximum value has been rolled. The final dice total is the result of all that dice’s rolls added together.

The dice have been colour-coded for easy reference during play.

Opposed Rolls

The CORE RPG uses an opposed dice system.

Nearly all rolls in GMD CORE RPG are opposed. This means that whenever dice are rolled to check for success or how much damage is taken etc, the opposition will also roll all their relevant dice.

Whenever dice are rolled, the highest dice wins; regardless of how many dice are rolled (this is explained in detail in Reading the Dice Pool, see page 10).

Last Updated: 19th January 2021

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