Coming Soon to Kickstarter!: LoR

Battle against the growing darkness that threatens to tear open the pits of Tartarus and spill all of Hades out upon the world of LoR, in this bronze age fantasy setting with an ancient Greek mythological influence.

Where Demigods are hunted and the Stoneborn rules the war-torn world. The hated Beastmen have gained footing and threaten to bring the civilised world into a barbaric age of savagery.

War is coming and the heroes need to decide for
what and who they fight for.

Following our GMD CORE RPG Kickstarter that launches on 1st March. We are preparing for the launch of the first of GMD CORE RPG Campaign Settings. This will be the first of 7 Campaign Settings due to be released over the course of 2020/21.

LoR will provide more Perks, Specialisations, Paths Templates for all Roles and extra rules required to run this exciting and indepth Fantasy Campaign Setting.

The LoR Setting Book will be full of background information, maps and beautiful artwork.

Why not join GMD Online as an investor either with our Kickstarters or in our Patreon campaign, where tiy can gain sneak previews of all these products in development as they are created.

GMD Online engages with all it’s investors throughout all products development phases. As an investor you will feel that you have a input into these fantastic products.

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