Coming Soon! GMD CORE RPG

With 90% of the rules designed and playtesting coming along nicely. I am going to be stepping up a gear with an increased quantity of playtesting of various rules and genres. To ensure that the GMD CORE RPG is developed to a high standard.
The artwork is trickling in but this is mainly due to funds. With a boost from Kickstarter, I am confident that the RPG will be available end of MAY 2020!  
Although the rules (Slightly dated) is available to Patrons now, these rules are not finalised and are purely for playtesting and to get acclimatised to the mechanics.   GMD CORE RPG is a game of chance, but the more skilled your character becomes, the ability to play the odds becomes more apparent.
The book will be beautifully illustrated and the rules set out in a way to be quickly learned.
The CORE RPG has been made possible by the Awesome GMD Patron Members who have been consulted every step of the way.  Why not join us and get involved in the growing community?

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