Character Background

Classified….incomplete… origins unknown

NAME Cobolt

RANK Agent

DEPARTMENT Security / Detective

RACE / ROLE: Robot / Scrapper

Character Description: Cobolt is an Android. super smart, super fast. and super strong. he was named Cobolt because that was written on his armour when they found him. It turns out in the end that it was just a reference to the blue colour of his paint finish, but the name stuck.


Cobolts Intelligence: Genius

Cobolts Strength: Super Strong

How Agile Coboltis: Olympic Standards

Cobolts Resistance to Pain: Impervious to Pain

How Charming Cobolt is: Not Liked At All

Cobolts Combat Training: A Grand Master

How Perceptive Coboltis: Super Senses

How Stealthy Cobolt is: Ninja Stealth


logs show that Cobolt has uploaded around 3 billion Tetra bytes of data, including detailed files on martial arts and ballistics training. he can pretty much recite any works of literature word for word and has learnt all known civilised languages. Cobolt is currently studying anatomy, but has been hindered by the lack of live subjects to study. Therefore, he his studies have been limited to veterinarian speciality’s Cobolt is an AI and has more computing power than any know computer known to mankind. he has defeated every chess opponent he has played and can hit the bulls eye every single time in any marksman contest.


ENHANCE STAT STR “robotic strength” (he can literally lift a car above his head) INFRAVISION TELESCOPIC VISION X-RAY SIGHT “Enhanced multi-spectral vision” (Telescopic, RAD, Thermal & EM) SPEED  EXTRA MOVEMENT “robotic speed” (he is not allowed to compete in any athletics competitions but regularly competes in Motorsports, without the motor) FORCE FIELD CHAMELEON “Cobolt has an integrated force field that deflects hi energy impacts that can also bend light” RESISTANCE  “he’s made of metal dude”
RICOCHET ATTACK “targeting computer installed”
TECHNOLOGY CONTROL  “not a computer in the world he dont know how to code” TECHNOLOGY MANIPULATION  “he has the tools to fix it and make it go better” TRANSLATE   “way better than google translate”
FEAR IMMUNITY everything is calculated. there is no panic IMMUNITY  BIOLOGICAL “he just dont bleed”
ARMOR ” Modular bolt on armoured carapace”

Characters Weakness: Amoral, EM Weekness

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