Centaurs: Incursion

Setting: LoR


Interface: Fantasy Grounds 2

Coms: Discord

Length of Event: Oneshot

Frequency of Play: Once

Start Time: 7pm UK Time

End time: 10:30pm UK Time

Pre-Gens will be provided. Patreons may create their characters in the character creation channel prior to the game.

Welcome to Centaurs…

Centaurs are the first of our Race-based adventures. All characters will take on the role of Centaurs.

Their village has been attacked, and the chief’s daughter has been taken by an Elarsan (Human) attack force. You have stepped up to bring her back… Trackers have reported that the kidnappers have taken her to a nearby ruin.

Can you rescue her before she is taken into the lands of man and sentenced to a lifetime of servitude?

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