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Centaur Month


Centaur Month!

November 23rd to December 21st




Centaur Themed Month...

Why celebrate Centaur Month?

Because Centaurs are awesome! Also, our very own GMD Sarah’s birthday is smack bang in the middle of it and we have some Birthday offers to give and this is part of it.

Enjoy Discounted Art Cards

To celebrate Sagittarius we will be having a Centaur Art Cards Sale on Amathamna & Kiron reduced to £1.25! (RRP £1.99) Snatch these up during Centaur Month!

Nov 23rd-Dec21st Only!

Centaur Playable Race

As part of the development of our CORE RPG CORE WORLD: LoR we will be creating Centaurs as a playable race!

A Full set of CORE RPG Statistics will be available on our site, FREE for Patreons.



Enjoy beautifully created tokens for Female & Male Centaurs using the images of Amathamna & Kiron.

  • Standard Any System Tokens
  • CORE RPG Left & Right handed Tokens

FREE to Patreons

Centaurs: Incursion

Join GMD Sarah for her birthday game on 14th December!

Play as Centaurs in a Fantasy adventure set in the World of LoR.

This 1-off session starts at 7 pm and ends at 10:30 pm UK Time.

To sign up follow these steps:

  1. Click the event on the calendar
  2. Either log in or simply select Book without an Account
  3. Click Book button

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