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LoR Campaign Setting & RPG Development News

The Beginning

Back in November 2018 I started to put online the LoR Campaign Setting & Core RPG rules.

With the support of my Patrons at https://www.patreon.com/gmdonline, I have dedicated my tim eto bring to life my vision of an RPG I have been developing for years but never really gave it the TLC it truley deserved.

What is LoR?

LoR is a Fantasy Campaign Setting set in a ‘Bronzed Aged’ World. The descendants of the gods themselves roam the lands and mankind now dominates the Lands of LoR. LoR is rich in history and adventure. It has suffered a great cataclysm and many wars between the gods themselves. All which have shaped the world to what it is today. But the gods have not been seen in Aeons. But their children, the Hērōs, Those who have the bloodline of the gods flowing through their veins do walk amonst the races of LoR. Some reveare and worship these, Hērōs, whilst other hunt them and kill them, believing they are an abomination and blasphemous.

LoR is a Fantasy Campaign Setting set in a ‘Bronzed Aged’ World. The descendants of the gods themselves roam the lands and mankind now dominates the Lands of LoR. LoR is rich in history and adventure. It has suffered a great cataclysm and many wars between the gods themselves. All which have shaped the world to what it is today. But the gods have not been seen in Aeons. But their children, the Hērōs,  Those who have the bloodline of the gods flowing through their veins do walk amongst the races of LoR. Some revere and worship these, Hērōs, whilst other hunt them and kill them, believing they are an abomination and blasphemous.

The world is troubled and is not at peace, war rages across many territories, but something far more sinister stirs in the dark depths of the world. Even the gods have started to fail to answer the prayers of their worshippers. Unrest hangs everywhere!

It is a time for Heroes and Champions to come to the aid of the world.

The RPG & Setting can be accessed here: LoR Setting & RPG Rules

Progress Report

Since November 2018 I have been developing the RPG Setting & Rules PDF, various VTT interfaces for Play testing and made a start on the 3D Setting Environment.

LoR Setting

For the setting I have completed the first Region Map and will soon be adding it to the Setting Page for Patrons to see and provide feedback.

LoR Core RPG Rules

The Rules have been in development for years. But I have made a lot of major changes that are being play tested to see if these changes will stay. Some of the changes have had a drastic effect on the speed and play of the game. some for the better and some are currently in debate if they will stay.

The front cover layout has been created and is waiting for the final artwork to be completed to replace the current preview currently being used.

The RPG book layout has been formatted and the rules being added.

The rules are being slowly added to the website and altered as changes are being made. Currently the Rules format online is rather messy. This will be tidied up as rules become more finalised and available.

Play Testing

Play testing happens weekly and it has been decided to start with character generation play test and run a mini campaign to play test the rules further.

GM rules play testing will commence hopefully in the next few months.


Virtual Table Tops have been set up for play testing the rules.

Tabletop Simulator & Fantasy Grounds 2 are currently our choice of VTT’s. The environments will be made available to our Play Testing GMs for FREE once GM play testing rolls out and the table tops are completed.

Play Aids

All Play Aids will become available once the artwork for them has been replaced with LoR artwork. This will take some times as it is very costly to get the artwork done.

I plan to make the play aids for all VTT’s and will arrange Mods & extensions for these.

3D World Environment

My latest addition to the project is the 3D interactive world. I decided to utilise my knowledge of Persistent World Building with NWN2 and build my own software for players to play through stories and venture across the actual world of LoR. With a real time environment and audio that tells the avatar history and details about the regions they explore.

LoR Living world

I am currently in the process of setting up the Living World Pages for my Patreon supporters. The concept behind this is to have the supporters to becomes adventurers, rulers etc and make decisions that shape and change the setting monthly, based upon their choices they make. To begin with it will be very basic as I will be doing this manually. But eventually I will design something to automate the process, but this will need some developing and designing.

Thank You!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank my Patreon Supporters for their support and belief in this mammoth project. None of which would have been possible without your help.

Also I want to thank all my play testers for helping and their valued input.

What’s to come?

After some brainstorming with Patreon supporters Thrin & Eusi, I have a lot of bonuses for my patrons.

Here are some that will be in the pipeline:

  • I will open my Project Plan for all to see what is being currently developed and what is planned for the future.
  • Patrons can show interest and request certain projects to be brought forward.
  • I will be adding Perks to my games for payers to choose when signing up to the game. Their will only be a limited amount of Perks available during each sign up.
  • I will be setting up game signs up in unison with the Perk scheme. The higher tiers will be able to sign up up to 2 months before the actual game and each Tier will gain access 1 week after a higher Tier until the game then gets advertised to the general public. This will allow Patrons to have first choice of the available, descending down the Tiers. But all players will gain a Perk/Character choice.
  • Regular LoR adventures will be run allowing players to play the same character through different Adventures and groups and develop that character over time.
  • I will be developing Videos that teach the rules and showcase various adventures. These will be available to Patrons first then slowly available to others.
  • I will further developing the 3D Environment so that Patrons can start to have a look around and experience the world of LoR.
  • I will get the basic LoR Rules available for GMs to start running their own adventures.
  • I will complete the first Region in Elarsa, with full details both for players and GMs. Providing GM packs for VTTs and PDFs for their Live Tabletop games.

Watch this space!

LoR Play Test Review


So in session 2 of play testing I started to run the game a little more like a RPG, instead of just a demo and how to guide.

The session started with a quick intro to how the interface works for new players.

Followed by a explanation of the character cards.

Then we dived straight in, I started the session with a quick prelude and an NPC giving the quest. The objective was to get the players into their characters mindset.

The heroes then ventured fourth into the Dungeons of the Dead to stop the Necromancer and destroy the soul stone. 

This is where the game slowed down. It was expected since new rules system and new players who had only played once before. Also changes to rules. 


The purpose of the session was to test the use of Action Points and it’s impact on the game. 

A players turn was significantly slower than other games, whilst using Action Points. This was because of a few factors:

  1. New players learning the system
  2. Players tactically thinking and carefully deciding what they are going to do. 
  3. The recovery element of the game during their turn.
  4. Some players experienced technical difficulties / poor internet connection, making the interface hard / cumbersome to use.


  1. Point 1 was to be expected, it was noticed that players soon got the hang of AP’s and how to use them. It was observed that AP’s force a different way of thinking during the game, a more tactical approach is required. Sometimes it is more beneficial to force the enemy to come to you. 
  2. Once play found a smoother flow with the APs, I notice that they were moving slightly quicker with the use of their AP’s. Players pointed out that if this was round a live table the game would be smoother, and agreed it was an interface issue. 
  3. Players suggested that we moved the recovery from the beginning of the individual players turn to the start of the Initiative Round. This was tested and indeed quickened up a players turn. 
  4. Due to the Tabletop Simulator being more powerful than Fantasy Ground 2, it certainly used more bandwidth to play. Nothing I could do about the technological issues, but I can certainly move the play test session into the Fantasy Grounds environment for future games. I have started to set up a table top ready for next session . 


We attempted to continue the game without AP’s and just allow a move and a action. Then we tested using two actions a turn be it two move, two attacks etc… 

This was a lot faster, but it was mentioned that the players did like the APs.

We will continue to test APs in Fantasy Grounds 2 in the next play test session.


Dice Pools were not really an objective. I know the mechanism works well, as a full campaign was run successfully over twenty years ago using the system.

Some players were a little confused which dice to use. 

I had added a dice pool onto the character cards but it became evident that it was difficult to make out certain dice. It was suggested that instead of dice picture, I used dice codes, eg: d6

A nice comment was made about the time it took to make the character cards look nice and the change would undermine the effort, but the cards are just cosmetic and on a proper character sheet there would be no dice images, the player would be writing dice codes, so the change is easy enough to make and a valid and good cosmetic change suggestion. 

However, if we use Fantasy Grounds 2, for future play tests, the dice are automated and finding the dice etc is irrelevant as all you need to do is click a button. 

It was suggested that I could automate the dice on the character sheet. A fantastic idea, but the time to implement would delay future play tests.

I have decided that it is more important to get the rules correct rather than the interface, so a quick swap of interfaces will allow for continued play testing. 

I will eventually create the rule set for both Fantasy Grounds 2 & Tabletop Simulator later in 2019 for campaign play. 


The following rules changes will be made for the next play test:

  • Recovery will be performed at the refresh of the initiative phase.

LoR Core RPG Progress

Today with the help of the community The Tabletop Simulator interface set up was adjusted to make Play Testing go quicker and smoother. 

Action Points & Turn Sequence

After making adjustments to the character sheets so that the dice was shown rather than the levels. I decided to make alterations to the Health, Stun, Power and Action Points. 

Health, Stun & Power all seem at a glance to transfer over without any issues. I will test this Thursday!

Our focus was on the Action Points and if the Turn Tracker worked. 

Turn Tracker Worked a treat and will get a full play test on Thursday.

Action Points: Worked out ok for the Warrior but was a concern for the wizard that would have far too many! It had became unbalanced. So a decision was made to keep the AP level and cost for now the same this will also be play tested on Thursday!

Thursdays Play Test FOCUS
Action Points, Health, Power, Stun

Character Cards are looking mighty fine!


It has been agreed they are far easier to use than the character sheets. I will design the character Sheets based on these cards in the PDF / Printed book formats. I will also create an online character generator too. 

LoR Core RPG Play Test

The Play test was mainly to teach using the Tabletop Simulator [TTS] interface so that we can use it for future play tests. Also a lot of the time was explaining the data on the character sheets too, but we did manage to go through a couple of turns before time ran out. In those couple of turns players started to understand how it worked, which was a positive result.

Feedback Review

I have given the feedback some thought and ran through some advanced tactics. Here is an update of changes.

TTS Wise:

Character Sheets – I will change the LEVEL to Dice Types, so instead of Level 3 The character sheet will display d8.
DicePool Cards – Instead of space to put a tone of dice, there will be a text area where you can write a list of commonly used dice pools. [I could eventually script this so that it auto rolls that dice pool] So it would look like
EG: Dice Pool Dice to Roll: Sword Attack D8 D6, Sword Damage 2d6, Dodge [defence] D6 D4, DMG Resist d12 d4 d8
What I will do is actually swap the Character sheets out for play testing with Pre-gen characters with nice fancy display of the pools and dice symbols… This way you would drag the required dice into the dice tray and if you get bonus dice. I as a GM can just place them into your tray to scoop up and roll… [Will test this at next Play Test]
I think this will reduce the confusion on what dice to roll, Also I might just put a pile of dice on the table close to each player so you can drag them into your tray as and when needed with out have to locate the dice bags. This might help too.. Again will test this.
Grid – Adjusted so that it is more visible.
Models – Models will have bases that can be colour coded to match Players Colour for quick referencing.
AP – Basic AP’s added to the Character Sheet.

LoR Core Rules Updates:

Stances: Stances will be removed.
PERKS & Plot Cards: Perks and Cards can be played regardless. Perks still require 4 AP and Cards 1 Momentum.
Role-Play: Characters to RP their actions etc once they are used to using the rules.
Once more thanks all for play testing. I will try and sort another out for Thursday and organise a quick Dungeon Crawl to Play test Gaining XP and using skills etc in different situations to solve puzzles traps and combat. I will make sure the table is pre-setup to save time too.

Dragongirl74: That sounds great! Should make things much simpler. Though, by the end of the session it was sinking in more


Fulgrim/SpikeAwesome I don’t mind play testing any of that before you do a 6 player demo

Pre-gen Character Sheet preview:
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