Category: Savage Worlds

MVP: Erinyes Issue 1- Talos

  All new Campaign started! Erinyes! A team of individual with remarkable abilities… Eurtyus: Master Bowman Autonomon: Daedalus inventor flying in a bronzed ICARUS MK1 Suit Thumos: Dr Banos who has incredible anger issues and transforms into a beast of brutal strength and resilience. Cpt. Olympos: A mortal man who undergone an experimental treatment to […]

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MVP: Wild Cards – Strike Force Shantipole Issue 6

The Wild Cards battle for their lives, hounded by Stormtroopers and Imperial Officers. Repairing the B-Wings the team destroy the hanger bay full imperial troops and resources, steal away with 2 freighters, an Imperial Shuttle and 2 B-Wings. Blasting out of Shantipole Base, they traverse through an asteroid storm and reach the Verpine fleet just […]

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