MVP: Necessary Evil 2- Issue 21

Returning to earth the villains arrive just in time to deal with the resurrection of Champion! The Super-Drone! The V’sori last resort.

The party deal with the threat swiftly.. but then everything freezes and they find themselves on the moon. In the presence of an omnipotent being The Outsider! Who then leaves them to battle out against the villains! (A total savage worlds rip off of the Beyonder and Secret Wars… Groan!).

Triumphant, the Viallins return to earth with Dr Desctruction… As heroes… A new order is born!

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1st Place: WOADAN


3RD Place: RICH

MVP: Necessary Evil 2- Issue 20

Our rag-tag team of Villains were sent into space to destroy the relay signal that controls the invader’s Drone army. Isolating the global connection so that Dr Destruction could mount an offensive to take back Earth!

The heroes, excitedly, jump into a V’sori vessel and head out into space. bluffing their way past the sentries they manage to board Satelite 15 and strike the command centre. With the drones disabled.. the Villains return to earth for some Payback… Well without Payback as he is dead… But revenge!

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1st Place: WOADAN



MVP: Necessary Evil 2- Issue 19

AMbushed by Jetstreams enemies The team captures Captain Anarchy and handed him over to Dr Destruction.

The team then dealt with the Janitor they ‘Rescued’ from the V’sori secret warehouse. After a while, they were contacted by Dr Destruction and attended a meeting about a strike on a V’sori satellite!

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1st Place: WOADAN

2nd Place: RICH


MVP: Necessary Evil 2- Issue 18

Felon infiltrated the Alien Warehouse while the team planned an elaborate attack to extract the turncoat alien Aden.

Void heads out to work the streets to locate some explosives… Only to steal them from a dealer who had them aside for a dangerous customer…

With their resources gathered the Villains strike! Without mercy, they battle it out and Void succumbs to the V’sori mind control, and only by way of iron will does she manage to break free!

The Warehouse goes up in an explosive ball of flames and the villains are successful.

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2nd Place: WOADAN


MVP: Necessary Evil 2- Issue 17

After the success of storming the Temple of the Four Seas the villains have some rest and are soon bored. Luckily, Dr Destructoin is on hand with a new mission.

The team are tasked to storm a V’sori research centre located in an abandoned wharehouse and extract a V’sori scientist.

The Villains then do recon of the building and kidnap the Janitor. Felon soon transforms into the Janitor and enters the base.

Obtaining the information they need, the villains prepare to storm the wharehouse!

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1st Place: MFOGG

2nd Place: RICH


MVP: Necessary Evil 2- Issue 16

Finding the lower levels of the temple submerged and below water, they swim their way through tunnels and are attacked once more by a great white shark.

They notice that the temple has strange murals and markings about its walls showing a race come from the stars and then a civil war breaking out.

Finally arriving at the centre of the temple, they discover the crown of the four seas and retrieve it. Bursting into the room an Atlantean High Priest twisted with madness attacks them, thinking that they are V’sori. They dispatch the High Priest with ease and make away at haste.

Finding the swarm has started to consume the Katharan patrol, Void, manages to teleport the group back to the teleportation device to return to their lair by the docks…

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1st Place: WOADAN

2nd Place: MFOGG

3RD Place: RICH

MVP: Necessary Evil 2- Issue 15

Dr Destruction soon put the villains to work on a new misson…

Delivering a phone box sized device with instructions to use it to retrieve the Crown of Atlantis.

Without much fuss the heroes dive through immideately having to deal with a great white shark…

Making short work of the poor creature, they swim towards the temple. Ambushed enroute by Katharans and deal with them too…

Entering the ruins of the Temple of the Four Seas the Guardian rushed up from the depths below a swarm of scarab like insects… Just at that moment, the second squadron of Katharans burst into the temple, the villain’s race down the stairs deeper into the temple as the swarm rushes to engage the Katharans.

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1st Place: WOADAN



MVP: Necessary Evil 2- Issue 14

Locating a new base of operations in an abandeoned industrial estate by the docks, the Omega Cell recevies their next assignment…

They hed to the Farmer’s Market to barter trade with an underworld crime boos called ‘Willy the fish’

While waiting for contact at the rendevous a cloack atlantean half breed bumps ito them. Felon cons the man out of his ancient Atlantean Amulate.

eventually they meet up with Hardcore who takes them to see Willy.

On meeting Willy they learn he is a Protean they build a good rapor and the trade is made.

At that point the V’asori ouyr in bursting in through the roof and Willy holds them off hwile the team make their escape…

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2nd Place: WOADAN & RICH

3RD Place: NONE

MVP: Necessary Evil 2- Issue 13

Waking up in Hydras lab they discover the mutant mastermind believed to be dead in a neighbouring container of dampening energy suppressing their powers. they float in a thick gloop with pipes stuffed down their throats.

Shavak taunts them and extracts parts of their DNA… Once extracted he orders the lab to be destroyed…

One of the Katharen takes a liking to Felon and decides he will sacrifice himself for the V’asori greatness and be there at the end with him.

As the timer for the bombs ticks down, the party begin to break free of their bonds and destroy the dampeners and begin to crack the glass… but it is too late the bombs are about to detonate!

But a turn of events sees the Katharens head explode and the emp pulse defuse the detonators. looking to the entrance they see the turncoat Ikaran standing there rescuing them.

Freeing them and escaping the place, Hydras base is destroyed…

Driving away in their old clapped out truck (brought by Ikaran) they take the blue box with them back to their base.

Ikaran leaves to see if he can locate Shavak and find out what he plans to do with the extracted DNA!…

On return to their base, they find it being ransacked by a gang, who they swiftly deal with and vacate the vicinity before the police arrive!

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1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: WOADAN

3RD Place: MFOGG

MVP: Wild Cards Episode 1

The campaign starts with the Empire striking at a Rebel Asteroid base. The Wild Cards are caught in a mining tunnel as it collapses…

Escaping being buried alive they have been tasked to deliver the Nav Com to the Rendezvous point without letting the Empire getting hold of the rebel co-ordinates.

Racing to a hanger, where an old republic transport awaits. They find stormtroopers waiting for them. After an intense blaster battle and the dead stormtroopers dealt with. The Heroes prepare to escape the Asteroid Base and rendezvous with the fleet.

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1st Place: SILVER

2nd Place: TIKI & BYRON


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