CORE Rules Deck

To support the soon to be released GMD CORE RPG I have been working on the GMD CORE: Rules Deck.

A set of cards that have particular rules on for quick referencing. 

The GM will be able to draw out the cards relevant to the scene they are running, and players could have rules available for character development or rules particular to their character, such as race abilities etc… 

I will also be using them for monthly additions such as new races, specialisation, perks etc dependant on Goals achieved. 

As chosen by you Patreons in the Discord channel, the cards will be available in Standard Playing Card size for convenience. 

What do you think?

Cover Preview

I thought I would give you, my Patreon investors, a quick preview of progress so far…

Progress on the Vehicle & Mounts Guide Concept Cover is coming along nicely. You would have to agree with me that it is certainly looking lovely indeed. The concept is to have Aquatic, Land and Air based images depicted on the cover showing the versatility and universal approach of the guide.

The mounts will be

  • Aquatic: Sea race riding a Shark
  • Land: Either a horse or a Dinosaur being ridden, (Probably the dinosaur as it is different than a horse)
  • Air: A Dragon being ridden.

I can’t wait to share with you all the final version.

Once this is done I will then design a couple of internal pages to give a feel of the book as a whole.

Join the StarGuard Now!

The opportunity of a lifetime!

Not only do you get a Limited Edition Collectable Post Art Card, 

but there is also a chance for two lucky backers the opportunity to create and play a superhero and have their actions and dialogue immortalised within the pages of the book!

Check it out here:

Patreons of Hērōs, Oracle & Pantheon Support Tier can automatically create a Member of the Starguard to appear in the comic here: 

Editable Character Sheet

Thanks to James Scott a Kickstarter backer who has created an editable version of the CORE RPG Character Sheet, I am able to deliver this to everyone for FREE.

Feel free to download and use with your games!

This character sheet is not for resale and no permission is given to sell it!

The character sheet will eventually be available for download from our website at 

NEXUS: Online

Something new is coming to GMD Online Patreons. Just for you! 

All Tier levels will be able to get involved.

In the next few weeks, I will be organising an all-new reward structure just for you! 

This loyalty-based system will provide you rewards, not just for use with Patreon, but with all GM Draeus games. 

Prepare to make your Avatar! 

You will receive an Avatar which you will be able to develop and use to obtain shards to enhance your avatar, use in games or purchase rewards. The choice will be yours! 

I will keep you updated as this system develops further. 

Eventually, I will be designing a special interface which will be available for FREE for all Patreons. For now, I am attempting to add the required fields to your account pages on the GMD Online Website. 

So keep an eye out on the website as you will see special pages beginning to appear for your quest of discovery to begin! 

You will also be able to use your Avatar to take part in NEXUS: Online games to win Shards to obtain special characters which you can develop and join your Avatar on its quest across the Nexus. 

The Nexus Games will be a variety of board and RPG Style games to play. By spending shards to enter certain arenas to combat other Avatars or join forces to defeat Raid like Battle Boards! Or gather resources to conquest World or Galactic Maps, or even manage futuristic sports teams in an ongoing Patreon Leagues!

Excited? Curious?

I will expand upon this soon!

This has all been created as something extra to say thank you for supporting me and to gain rewards for helping out with playtesting, demo’s and generally to have fun as a community. 

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