MVP: Once Upon a Steam -Session 5

Albert Potter could only watch as the heroes battle hard against the winged lizards at the entrance to their cave. All the time, the screams of a frightened Jossie potter echoed. Under the command of Major Mongomery, they were a machine of death! One by one, the lizards fell and they were victorious.

Wasting no time, they rushed to the pit where Josie had been dumped, amongst the carrion of previous prey.

She was not alone…

An old prospector, he died in the arms of Volodar and after searching his belongings, they discovered his tale. He and his companions were digging in the ruins of Misty Dale after a valuable treasure.

Now the party has access to the maps and the location of this treasure. Albert was grateful for the rescue of his wife and agreed to fund their expedition if they chose to venture out in search of Misty Dale once they reached Nestor.

Who won the sessions MVP?

1st Place: WOADAN



MVP: Once Upon a Steam -Session 4

The Brave heroes battled long and hard to protect the wagons once more from the winged monstrosities that wish to feast upon our bones…

But, they were successful in protecting the wagons and most of the horses.

However, the attack did not go by without its fair share of casualties. Most noted was that of Mrs Potter who was stolen away by the winged beasts!

Now, Mr Potter was not exactly a combatant, but he was not going to stand by and let his wife suffer some hellish fate. So he put together a Posse and went out after her.

Following the direction the beasts flew in, they found some mutilated remains from a horse, all fresh and the splash marks said it fell from the sky.. now, they made an educated guess and climbed a nearby valley into the rocky hills…

That’s where they found the beast’s lair… but there was a host of ’em… and the Posse was not quiet about their approach! All hell broke loose…

1st Place: EUSI

2nd Place: WOADAN


MVP: Once Upon a Steam -Session 3

The heroes return from the ruins of Moondale was greatly received. Especially from Jed Murphy, whose brother relied on the healing waters they retrieved.

After a debate with Jossie and Albert Potter, they decided to stick around instead of going out huntin’ for Mrs Potters lost necklace. Much to her dissatisfaction.

They got to know some of the folk around the fire that night, but then the heavens opened up and fist-sized hailstone smashed down into the camp… Everyone scattered screaming in pain. The heroes helped out best they could. Gettin’ people to safety and all… Belle, which a few had a fancy for, gave ‘ol Mr Stonehold a mighty reward for his bravery.

With Hank Murphy feelin’ better the wagons were on the road once more! But the day was a total opposite to the night, The sweltering heat beating down. How the heroes did not pass out is anyone’s guess…

But that night during camp not many days away from Nestor. The winged lizards came and once more the heroes found themselves defending the wagons, this time the horses as those scaly bastards fancied themselves some horse meat!

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MVP: Once Upon a Steam -Session 2

The brave decided to head out and seek a cure for our Wagon Master Hank Murphy, who took a nasty wound from the battle. But before they did, Albert & Jossie potter asked them to return Jossie’s necklace that the pale riders took.

Agreeing to the task for a sum of 500 Marks, not something to be scoffed at, they rode out…

As evening drew in they descended into Moon Dale to seek it’s magical healing well. Only to find those Elvish Savages waiting in the fog… A bloody battle ensued, and the savages were dealt with.

The posse were split in the dcision of going after the pale riders for Mrs Potters necklace or to return, but the good Major talked reason into them all and returned with the waters they did….

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1st Place: NoQUARTER

2nd Place: SILVER


MVP: Once Upon a Steam -Session 1

We were all part of a colonial wagon train heading South through the Lands of Peridor towards the Mining Territories of Shalna, either as passengers of noblemen, dancers, gamblers, prospectors, steam inventor, doctor or as one of the painted ladies, a saloon girl. A mix of races…Or as a Bounty Hunter or hired gunslinger to protect the wagons.

All was going well as we were a few days out of Nestor travelling the prairies of Peridor when we heared a mighty rucuss, the haunting horns of the Pale Riders as the dead rode their rotten horses down the slopes towards our Wagons! That’s when we came to know those we will never forget, they stood out and faced them to help protect those who could not protect themselves…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: WOADAN

2nd Place: EUSI


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