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Lord of the Rings: Dark Mage of Rhudaur – Session 4

Defeating the last of the Trolls, the party rests up in the troll cave, freeing Leddon from his prison. Returning to the Inn of the Last Bridge, the party are rewarded for rescuing their son. They rest up and feast and party in celebration before heading out into the snow storm and towards Thuin Boid. […]

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MVP: D&D 5th Ed. Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Issue 16

Killius laying down a bank of fog confuses the cultists giving the party time to reconsider their direction and decide to go deeper into the cave through a different tunnel. Descending into a mushroom filled cavern they find themselves assaulted by Giant mushrooms! Defeating these strange creatures the party splits up, Beorn, Silvermoon & Leovan […]

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MVP: Rebel Scum Issue 9

The noise of blasters echoing through the vast corpse of the silent Star Destroyer attracts something dark indeed… suddenly out of the shadows of the darkest corridors a from all directions hordes of undead swarm. Officers, Technicians, Storm troopers… Pour through the halls hungry for flesh and blood! A parlay with the scavengers suddenly join […]

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