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Lord of the Rings: Dark Mage of Rhudaur – Session 23

Deeper the party delve into Blogarths Tomb… Dilothanor who has seen the eye is driven towards his doom, baited with the dream of power. Whispers on the air promising, guiding, instructing. Berengar, also who touched the stone. Has seen the eye, feels a strong kinship to Dilothanor and protective to his newly found ally. Passing […]

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Onslaught Playtest

Setting: N/A System: Onslaught CCG Interface: Tabletopia Coms: Discord Length of Event: Single Session Frequency of Play: Once Start Time: 8pm UK Time End time: 10:30pm UK Time Characters:N/A Overview:This is a playtest session for Onslaught th ecard game. No software required just internet access and discord. This playtest will concentrate on the champions and […]

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