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LoR Campaign Setting & RPG Development News

The Beginning

Back in November 2018 I started to put online the LoR Campaign Setting & Core RPG rules.

With the support of my Patrons at https://www.patreon.com/gmdonline, I have dedicated my tim eto bring to life my vision of an RPG I have been developing for years but never really gave it the TLC it truley deserved.

What is LoR?

LoR is a Fantasy Campaign Setting set in a ‘Bronzed Aged’ World. The descendants of the gods themselves roam the lands and mankind now dominates the Lands of LoR. LoR is rich in history and adventure. It has suffered a great cataclysm and many wars between the gods themselves. All which have shaped the world to what it is today. But the gods have not been seen in Aeons. But their children, the Hērōs, Those who have the bloodline of the gods flowing through their veins do walk amonst the races of LoR. Some reveare and worship these, Hērōs, whilst other hunt them and kill them, believing they are an abomination and blasphemous.

LoR is a Fantasy Campaign Setting set in a ‘Bronzed Aged’ World. The descendants of the gods themselves roam the lands and mankind now dominates the Lands of LoR. LoR is rich in history and adventure. It has suffered a great cataclysm and many wars between the gods themselves. All which have shaped the world to what it is today. But the gods have not been seen in Aeons. But their children, the Hērōs,  Those who have the bloodline of the gods flowing through their veins do walk amongst the races of LoR. Some revere and worship these, Hērōs, whilst other hunt them and kill them, believing they are an abomination and blasphemous.

The world is troubled and is not at peace, war rages across many territories, but something far more sinister stirs in the dark depths of the world. Even the gods have started to fail to answer the prayers of their worshippers. Unrest hangs everywhere!

It is a time for Heroes and Champions to come to the aid of the world.

The RPG & Setting can be accessed here: LoR Setting & RPG Rules

Progress Report

Since November 2018 I have been developing the RPG Setting & Rules PDF, various VTT interfaces for Play testing and made a start on the 3D Setting Environment.

LoR Setting

For the setting I have completed the first Region Map and will soon be adding it to the Setting Page for Patrons to see and provide feedback.

LoR Core RPG Rules

The Rules have been in development for years. But I have made a lot of major changes that are being play tested to see if these changes will stay. Some of the changes have had a drastic effect on the speed and play of the game. some for the better and some are currently in debate if they will stay.

The front cover layout has been created and is waiting for the final artwork to be completed to replace the current preview currently being used.

The RPG book layout has been formatted and the rules being added.

The rules are being slowly added to the website and altered as changes are being made. Currently the Rules format online is rather messy. This will be tidied up as rules become more finalised and available.

Play Testing

Play testing happens weekly and it has been decided to start with character generation play test and run a mini campaign to play test the rules further.

GM rules play testing will commence hopefully in the next few months.


Virtual Table Tops have been set up for play testing the rules.

Tabletop Simulator & Fantasy Grounds 2 are currently our choice of VTT’s. The environments will be made available to our Play Testing GMs for FREE once GM play testing rolls out and the table tops are completed.

Play Aids

All Play Aids will become available once the artwork for them has been replaced with LoR artwork. This will take some times as it is very costly to get the artwork done.

I plan to make the play aids for all VTT’s and will arrange Mods & extensions for these.

3D World Environment

My latest addition to the project is the 3D interactive world. I decided to utilise my knowledge of Persistent World Building with NWN2 and build my own software for players to play through stories and venture across the actual world of LoR. With a real time environment and audio that tells the avatar history and details about the regions they explore.

LoR Living world

I am currently in the process of setting up the Living World Pages for my Patreon supporters. The concept behind this is to have the supporters to becomes adventurers, rulers etc and make decisions that shape and change the setting monthly, based upon their choices they make. To begin with it will be very basic as I will be doing this manually. But eventually I will design something to automate the process, but this will need some developing and designing.

Thank You!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank my Patreon Supporters for their support and belief in this mammoth project. None of which would have been possible without your help.

Also I want to thank all my play testers for helping and their valued input.

What’s to come?

After some brainstorming with Patreon supporters Thrin & Eusi, I have a lot of bonuses for my patrons.

Here are some that will be in the pipeline:

  • I will open my Project Plan for all to see what is being currently developed and what is planned for the future.
  • Patrons can show interest and request certain projects to be brought forward.
  • I will be adding Perks to my games for payers to choose when signing up to the game. Their will only be a limited amount of Perks available during each sign up.
  • I will be setting up game signs up in unison with the Perk scheme. The higher tiers will be able to sign up up to 2 months before the actual game and each Tier will gain access 1 week after a higher Tier until the game then gets advertised to the general public. This will allow Patrons to have first choice of the available, descending down the Tiers. But all players will gain a Perk/Character choice.
  • Regular LoR adventures will be run allowing players to play the same character through different Adventures and groups and develop that character over time.
  • I will be developing Videos that teach the rules and showcase various adventures. These will be available to Patrons first then slowly available to others.
  • I will further developing the 3D Environment so that Patrons can start to have a look around and experience the world of LoR.
  • I will get the basic LoR Rules available for GMs to start running their own adventures.
  • I will complete the first Region in Elarsa, with full details both for players and GMs. Providing GM packs for VTTs and PDFs for their Live Tabletop games.

Watch this space!

Lord of the Rings: Dark Mage of Rhudaur – Session 4

Defeating the last of the Trolls, the party rests up in the troll cave, freeing Leddon from his prison. Returning to the Inn of the Last Bridge, the party are rewarded for rescuing their son. They rest up and feast and party in celebration before heading out into the snow storm and towards Thuin Boid.

The party becomes concerned after several nights hearing the calls of wolves. Lessa recalls the Faragash the abomination and how it lead a pack of wolves, and she can now hear many in excess of 40 wolves.

Their journey finally leaves the East Road and heads down the trail South to Thuin Boid. Passing one of the old ruined watch towers. Recalling takes of days past. They discover tracks of horses, possibly mounted, numbers unknown but in the many. Some of the party are concerned whilst others state that it is nothing to worry about, perhaps a patrol watching the trail. Faylen says, that he has never seen a patrol pass this way before in such numbers.

What player won MVP? Read on…

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MVP: Beasts & Barbarians – Issue 17

Deep within the halls of the Mountain King, A mighty battle ensues… Fighting to free their loved ones The barbarians and Turnus, fight desperately against an impossible host. A host lead by a mad undead king, and long dead blood brother to Rastan, who at his side has the risen Alera, the sister of Rastan. Andos Rhul, the Mountain King leading an army of Cannibals and Trolls and Snow Wolves, weaves powerful dark energies against the barbarians. Even Alera taps into the arcane, and Yemaya is stretched to match their onslaught. Slowly the heroes prevail, But when victory seems put a pale shadow away, One of the huge trolls steps fourth and sends Dar flying back against the icy walls of the cavern, with bone crunching impact! He drops and does not move, Grarkald screams to everyone about Dar’s demise and the heroes fight harder. Alecene begins to fall into the lava, doomed for sure! But Dar’s tiger leaps across and pulls her to safety in the nick of time. Alera reveals her dark masters true image and Fulgrims fear gets a hold of him, His hair turning stark white, his eyes wide and the vision haunting his every thought. Turnus keeps Alicene close and with Rastans aid the Mountain King occupied. Fulgrim charges fourth with the Axe of Hulain bringing the reign of the Mountain King to an end.

horns echo throughout the halls and soon the full weight of the Mountain Kings army arrives. Racing through the icy caverns the heroes join their captured kin and together escape the clutches of the cannibals. Away from Ometh Vulgan they race into the Swamps of despair. Alera leading her lovers army in pursuit seeking revenge, Dar and Turnus, guide them through the swamps and back to the snow covered plains of Caladon. Cala calls to her people to pick up arms and turn and face the enemy. Looking to Turnus to lead them in their desperate fight against the armies of the Mountain King.

As dawn rises, the army crests the hills…

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MVP: Beasts & Barbarians – Issue 16

The heroes race through the caverns. Grarkald finds his sister tortured and beaten. Trusting her care into the hands of Mug, the heroes fight off cannibals as they attempt to rescue their kin.

Learning that Alacene, Brixam and others have been taken to the great hall. Also they learn that all that are taken, never return. only the echoes of tortured screams are heard.

Leaving their people to organise themselves and prepare to escape, the heroes rush fourth into the great halls.

Their they find Alacene, Brixam and another barbarian hanging over a pit of lava. As they enter the barbarian is released into the fiery pit of death. High up on an icy bluff The Mountain King stands and at his side a beautiful yet very dead bride pleads to release Alecene next. Rastan is surprised to see his dead friend Andos Rhul, The Mountain King and his sistser Alera at his side!

Andos calls for Rastan to join him, but he refuses, Andos calls for his guards to kill them all!

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MVP: Warhammer – Through the Drakwald Session 2

After burying the Priest in the pit trap after he died the group carrys on escorting the refugees to Middleheim, upon resting that night the group becomes warry of Granny Moser the towns healer, Urditane keeps watch on her and sees a black Raven leave her wagon and upon investigating the wagon finds Granny gone, one of the orphans in granny’s charge says shes been upset after they went past Farndorf and said something about her father been killed there and what use was power if you did not use it, the group puts two and two together and heads out to find granny near Farndorf. After 2 hours of walking around in the dark the party finds Granny invoking a dark ritual and been protected by four wolves the group dispatch the wolves and stop Granny from summoning a deamon into the word for her revenge and she goes into a catatonic state and days a few days later from grief, the party bring the refugees to the safety of Middleheim, what awaits them in this vast city….

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2nd Place: NOQUARTER


MVP: D&D 5th Ed. Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Issue 16

Killius laying down a bank of fog confuses the cultists giving the party time to reconsider their direction and decide to go deeper into the cave through a different tunnel. Descending into a mushroom filled cavern they find themselves assaulted by Giant mushrooms! Defeating these strange creatures the party splits up, Beorn, Silvermoon & Leovan head for the fog, while Killius pushes deeper into the cave and find it full of bats and stirges.

Beorn leads a charge against Mondath and her Cultists, with the rest of the party bringing up the rear.

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2nd Place: KOKOPELLI

3rd Place: WOADAN

MVP: Warhammer – Through the Drakwald Session 1

The adventures arrive in Utenguard, the war against Chaos has raged here but they have been beaten back, the towns leader in the middle of a speech is suddenly attacked from a sniper and a band of mutants attacks the town, after a long hard fight the party defeats the enemy and the local woodsman Hans returns to tell the citizens they are all in danger from a large warband moving this way. After a long talk the towns people decide to head for the safety of Middleheim, on the way they encounter a ambushed wagon train believed to be the work of goblins and the Preist of the town falls in a spiked trap, before he dies he makes the party swear to take a icon of Sigmar to the temple in Middleheim.

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MVP: Rebel Scum Issue 9

The noise of blasters echoing through the vast corpse of the silent Star Destroyer attracts something dark indeed… suddenly out of the shadows of the darkest corridors a from all directions hordes of undead swarm. Officers, Technicians, Storm troopers… Pour through the halls hungry for flesh and blood! A parlay with the scavengers suddenly join forces with the empire against a common enemy.. The troopers are split up and isolated fighting desperately to fend off the horde… The call to retreat to the Hanger deck echoes through their comms and the squad make a break for it, closely followed by the dead…

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