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MVP: Erinyes Issue 1- Talos

  All new Campaign started! Erinyes! A team of individual with remarkable abilities… Eurtyus: Master Bowman Autonomon: Daedalus inventor flying in a bronzed ICARUS MK1 Suit Thumos: Dr Banos who has incredible anger issues and transforms into a beast of brutal strength and resilience. Cpt. Olympos: A mortal man who undergone an experimental treatment to […]

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MVP: D&D 5th Ed. Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Issue 8

  The Dragons wrath has sent a shock wave of anguish throughout the keep, family watching family die before their eyes, the heroes watching friends and allies perish. Death and destruction everywhere… long enough for the raiders to break in through the sally port. The Keeps guard engage in a ferocious battle led by Castalan, […]

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