All-New Graphic Novel!

This is KR416

Craig to his crew-mates.

Craig likes to point out the tactical errors in the decisions made by his crew-mates.

Annoyingly so.

Don’t be like Craig…
Be KR416

Take on the role of KR416 in our exciting new Sci-Fi Graphic Novel
The Angelica Star!
Sign up today and Become the Hero you were born to be!

Only 1 person can take on the role!

Will it be you?

Fan Art Chosen By You!

Earlier this month I posted a poll to determine which 6 FAN ART GMD Online would have a go at creating.

The results are in!

We are extremely excited by the list which is as follows:

  1. Captain/ Ms Marvel
  2. Hiccup
  3. King Conan
  4. Undertaker
  5. Wolverine
  6. 6th Place is a Tie Breaker and currently on Discord for voting: Spider Qwen, Hell Boy & The Morrigan

Each of the Fan Art we do, will be supploed for FREE Digitally as well.

Our Patreons will also gain access to FREE Figure Flats, Tokens and Collectable Cards too…

#SixFanarts #Patreon #Kickstarter #art

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