GMD Blood Bowl League

For Match Schedules see Discord Pinned Messages:

Division 1

Team NameCoachDiscord Name
Flaming SkulleskeithsjKeith
Hern HuntersDraeusGMDOnline
The Total DisastersDrakeathIan
Mikoyan’s MaggotsMikoyan74Mikoyan74
Sausage SquashersEusiEusi
We Are AlphariusPlauedDeathplaugeddeath666
Rancidian SlashItchen MasackItchen Masack
Run for 66 red baloonsJankisJankis
Raw Beasts 2PuxhePuxhe
Bob’s BallbagsSPINRICHRich

Division 2

Team NameCoachDiscord Name
Deadsuns 49ersSpike1288Spike
MousillonNightguardJoey WevsrED_hERRING86
Teh Chubbies Ride AgainStone Cold RickStone Cold Rick
Plagueround bulliesTiki1985Tiki1985
Lizardy WizardryAerixdaerixd
Battering RamsteinSlaughterbackSlaughterback
Sealand FlamesPadster61Padster61
Danish RFC RatsATP951ATP951
Solemn SaurusBiigbobbig bob
GMD Tomb CrawlersAknurkKrundle Dunkle

Division 3

Team NameCoachDiscord Name
Pirates of ChaoticaSaradorSarador
Albion BrightlightsNomad NotlarcDamon
Taking It Down A SnotcheD^^eD^^
Akkordion Service Crewdjikicigodjikicigo
The Chill BladesNoQuarternoquarter
Black Fortress FarriersYishWaaghYishWaagh
Pantene PanthersDeeforDeefor
Thunder Krunch KillarGrubbnutsGrubbnuts

Division 4

Team NameCoachDiscord Name
Dorcus MinumusRotTonguemakoenergy
Frozen Fjord WerenersSyteantricSyteanric
We Came Backkeshdrkeshdr
Count Zacks Tackle Bitersjongoescommandojongoescommando
The Pink Stink EyesBaron DickfastBaron Dickfast
ElfUnsafety ExecutiveMr WillMr_Will
Colwyn RaidersGaff JonesGaff
Rentokill RottersNorraxTaelon

League Rules

Firstly have fun, don’t take it too serious remember the dice gods hate you!!

Now that you are aware of this and you will not throw snowflake tantrums when you get trounced… (Someone will have to remind GM Draeus about this section!!) it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty.

Joining the League

  • All new teams joining the league must be up to 1000 TV
  • Join the next available Division advertised

Game Schedules

  • Each Round will be played in a Two Week Cycle, all matches must be played by the time the 2 weeks cycle is over.
  • A match failing to play on or before the Scheduled day will result in a draw.
  • Coaches must be in the Blood Bowl Lobby for their match in Discord to allow other players there to support/be nosy/hassle the teams.
  • Players are to be civil to each other and have fun. No abuse will be tolerated.


  • It is strictly forbidden to help a team during their match no matter how much that team is getting trounced by the opposition! Only the coaches are allowed to manage their own teams so please do not interrupt their match.
  • Be considerate that coaches will be concentrating on their match, so no idle gossip. If you are on the channel to watch the match, great watch it… If you want to chat then goto another channel and let the coaches concentrate.
  • It is however to congratulate good moves, rolls or scoff unlucky rolls and offer encouragement.


At the end of the Round Robin Season, once all teams have played each other in their current season. Teams will play for Promotion/Relegation

We will be having 4 Divisions. Quantity of teams will be shared between the divisions equally. Division 4 will host excess teams.

Promotion/Relegation: Top two teams will play the bottom two teams of the higher Division in a Round Robin play-off. The Top two Teams of the Play-Offs will stay in the Higher Division and the bottom two teams of the Play-Off will go to the Lower Division.

End of Season Rewards

At the end of the season. The Top team in each Division will win a Trophy. See Rewards Below…

Also, Each Patreon supporter will win Red Nexus Shards equal to the position they end up in the league table.

Example: 5th place wins 5 Red Nexuus Shards.

Yearly Tournament

Each year GMD Online will hold a yearly Tournament where all Teams from all Divisions will play in a knock-out Tournament for a Trophy.


Trophies will appear on your Teams Page, which will be created here on GMD Online website digitally. As well as appearing on the Blood Bowl Hall of Fame page.

Patreons Investors who win will also win a physical Trophy that will be sent out to them in the post! You can be a Patreon Supporter for as little as $1.50 a month!