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GMD League 2021 Winner: Bob’s Ballbags
(coach: SPINRICH)

GMD World Cup 2020 Winners: She Got That Arsenal
(Coach: Atticus69)

Albion BrightlightsNomad NotlardDamon
She Got That Arsenal Atticus69atticus69

GMD League 2020 Winner: Bob’s Ballbags
(coach: SPINRICH)

Champions Cup Group Stage 2021

Bob’s BallbagsAI TEAM (To be created)Flaming SkullesShe Got That Arsenal
AI TEAM (To be created)Great Orme GunnersPantene PanthersWe Came Back
Run For 667 Red baloonsRentokil RottersKaos KaosElf Unsafety Executive
Dorcus MinimusGMD BullshitUFC IncWaleed’s Wanderers
Albion BrightlightsKhaine’s HitmenAI TEAM (To be created)The Cockney Contagions
AI TEAM (To be created)AI TEAM (To be created)Wreckin ReykjevikKrunkycrogle Wild Orchids

Wooden Spoon Group Stage 2021

Sealand FlamesSolemn SaurusHern HuntersThe Total Disaster
AI TEAM (To be created)AI TEAM (To be created) Blight City Contagion Taking It Down A Snotch
Gregg’s PotbelliesHogwartiansAI TEAM: Chaotic DelversAI TEAM (To be created)
Chernobyl MidgetsThe Hell RaisersMikoyan MaggotsAI TEAM (To be created)
Mortlake PackersRed Mountain StoutfellowsHoly RevengersGoat Simulator Reborn
Megadeath MaraudersAI TEAM (To be created)Sausage SquashersBig.. Fat.. No Strong!

GMD Blood Bowl 2 League 2021

Sign up has commenced!

TEAM in Bold – Promoted Last Season

TEAM in Italics – Relegated Last Season

Teams names with *** after are temporary auto concedes due to Real Life

Division 1

Division 1 2021
Team NameCoachDiscord Name
Flaming SkulleskeithsjKeith
Hern HuntersDraeusGMDOnline
The Total DisastersDrakeathIan
Mikoyan’s MaggotsMikoyan74Mikoyan74
Danish RFC RatsATP951ATP951
We Are AlphariusPlauedDeathplaugeddeath666
Sealand FlamesPadster61Padster61
Run for 66 red baloonsJankisJankis
MousillonNightguardJoey WevsJoy Wevs
Bob’s BallbagsSPINRICHRich

Division 2

Division 2 2021
Team NameCoachDiscord Name
Albion BrightlightsNomad NotlarcDamon
Megadeth MarudersNoQuarterNoQuarter
Count Zacks Tackle Bitersjongoescommandojongoescommando
Plagueround bulliesTiki1985Tiki1985
Dorcus MinumusRotTonguemakoenergy
Pantene PanthersDeeforDeefor
Taking It Down A SnotcheD^^eD^^
Solemn Saurus***BiigbobBigbob
Sausage SquashersEusiEusi

Division 3

Division 3 2021
Team NameCoachDiscord Name
She Got That ArsenalAtticus69atticus69
We Came Backkeshdrkeshdr
Rentokill RottersNorraxTaelon
Deadsuns 49ersSpike1288Spike
The Pink Stink EyesBaron DickfastBaron Dickfast
ElfUnsafety ExecutiveMr WillMr_Will
HogwartiansMarneus CalgarIron Sirus
Great Orma GunnersEfcstefEfcstef
Colwyn Raiders***Gaff JonesGaff

Division 4

Division 4 2021
Team NameCoachDiscord Name
Gregg’s PotbelliesArcane ImpArcane Imp
Big? Fat? No…Strong!OoohOooh
Red Mountain StoutfellowssynteanricSynteanric
GMD Ballshitboronateboronate
The Chubbies Ride AgainStone Cold RickStone Cold Rick
GMD AristocratsAknurkKrunkleDunkle-Aknurk
BlightCity Contagionjforjacksonjforjackson
Khaine’s HitmenRomfordAllStarArthur H
UFC incHalflingPaladinKalo786
Goat Simulator RebornBobBob
MLG Cheescake FightersTonagTonag

Division 5

Division 5 2021
Team NameCoachDiscord Name
Wrecking ReykjavikReggie RegKantor
Krunkycrogle Wild OrchidsTeowulfCoach Teowulf
Mortlake PackersRichardJames99RichardJames99
Megadeth MaraudersNoQuarterNoQuarter
RedTeam HowlersRedTeamHeroRedTeamHero
Chernobly MidgetsDebitorCreditplin plin pilon
Fancy GentleelvessquerkieAnton Lumijoki Squerkie
Waleed’s WanderersWaleedWaleed
The Cockney ContagionsThundenThunden
The Lockdown HooliganzztotalElricM

League Rules

Firstly have fun, don’t take it too serious remember the dice gods hate you!!

Now that you are aware of this and you will not throw snowflake tantrums when you get trounced… (Someone will have to remind GM Draeus about this section!!) it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty.

Winning Trophies

The following Leagues have a Physical Trophy to be won.

  • GMD League – Winner of Division 1
  • Champions League Winner
  • Wooden Spoon Winner
  • World Cup Winner

The league is sponsored by GMD Online and we provide all trophies for FREE. We also post them anywhere in the world for FREE.

Please consider supporting GMD online by becoming a member, you also get access to all our products for FREE too!

Joining the League

  • All new teams joining the league must be up to 1000 TV
  • All new teams start in Division 5 — Now 6.. Let me know if you want to join!
  • Existing Coaches who retire their team must start in the lowest Division at the start of the season.

Game Schedules

  • Each Round will be played in a Two Week Cycle, all matches must be played by the time the 2 weeks cycle is over.
  • A match failing to play on or before the Scheduled day will result in a draw, with no SPP. Providing both coaches discuss times.
  • If a Coach is silent and does not arrange a match, or fail to turn up to a scheduled time, then they auto concede. MVP SPP goes to the winning team, Winning Team gets Maximum Gold, Losing Team Gains Minimum Gold. Avoid this as it is a colossal waste of my time!
  • Players are to be civil to each other and have fun. No abuse will be tolerated. Resulting in a ban.
  • Tournament Scheduling, if a match is a knockout, then the team who is able to play on the turn-over-day at 20:00 UK Time is the winner.
  • No Shows: Teams are expected to wait 15 mins for opponents to show. If the opponent fails to communicate that they will be late then they will auto-concede. see rules above, If they communicate that they will be late then the match can either be played or rescheduled, as per rules above.
  • Advice: You are not going to win all your games. At some point someone is going to beat you, if you cannot handle losing Blood Bowl is not for you!


  • It is strictly forbidden to help a team during their match no matter how much that team is getting trounced by the opposition! Only the coaches are allowed to manage their own teams so please do not interrupt their match.
  • Be considerate that coaches will be concentrating on their match, so no idle gossip. If you are on the channel to watch the match, great watch it… If you want to chat then goto another channel and let the coaches concentrate.
  • It is, however, ok to congratulate good moves, rolls or scoff unlucky rolls and offer encouragement.


At the end of the League Season, once all teams have played each other in their current season. Teams will be relegated or promoted.

Top 2 teams will automatically be promoted up a division.

Bottom 2 teams will automatically be demoted down a division. (Except bottom Division, the bottom two teams just have to hang their heads in shame!)

Champions Cup

Starting in 2021, at the end of the season we will hold Champions Cup Top 5 teams of each Division 1-4 will take part in the GMD Champions Cup.

The winner of the cup will win the Champions Trophy.

All teams play each other and the league winner takes home the Trophy!

Scheduling rules as above and 2 week turn around.

Wooden Spoon Tournament

The Bottom 5 teams of Division 1-4 will take part in a Wooden Spoon Tournament.

All teams will play each other once and the winner of the tournament will take home the Trophy.

Scheduling rules as above and 2 week turn around.

GMD World Cup 2021

Each year at December we will hold a knockout tournament for existing GMD League teams and new teams to participate in.

Knock out tournament.

Scheduling: Each round will be 1 week long and matches must be arranged during this time, if no match can be arranged a team that can make the end date at 20:00 will auto win. If both teams cannot make The end date at 20:00 UK Time, then the highest TV will automatically win.


Conceding Matches

Any team that concedes a match during play, will have no SPP (This will be given to the opposing team instead), also a team may only concede 1 match. Any team that concedes more than 1 match will be demoted to the lowest Division and will not be promoted to fill gaps.


Teams and Coaches will change over the years…

  • When a team retires, it will be removed from the league and cannot return.
  • Their space is filled by filtering teams up the league.
  • Relegated teams are not filtered, they return next season to their new Division.
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