Character Background

Was just an ordinary man working the rigs when a scientific experiment went wrong and blink got struck by some sort of radiation that gave him his powers. Useing these powers to start his underground dealings, but come across a lot of bad crime bosses so thought what better way to rid the streets of those than to join the starguard so that his organisation can flourish.

NAME Blink

RANK Agent

DEPARTMENT Security / Detective

RACE / ROLE: Human / Scrapper

Character Description: Speedster with criminal connections


Blinks Intelligence: About Average

Blinks Strength: About Average

How Agile Blink is: Olympic Standards

Blinks Resistance to Pain: Very Hardy

How Charming Blink is: Model / Celebrity

Blinks Combat Training: Highly Trained

How Perceptive Blink is: About Average

How Stealthy Blink is: Ninja Stealth


Very fast very charming and very good at hiding his alter ego.


Speed, regeneration, power strike and throw sonic boom.

Characters Weakness:Being a crime boss and any race women

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